Empowering Global Scholars: Indonesia Maju Scholarship Awardees Begin Transformative Overseas Pursuits


In a significant stride towards enhancing educational opportunities and fostering global growth, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has bid farewell to 358 recipients of the esteemed Indonesia Maju Scholarship (BIM) for the Overseas Batch II.

Hendarman, the Acting Head of the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) within the ministry, emphasized the profound responsibility that accompanies this scholarship. He noted, "With this scholarship, you have a great responsibility to optimize the opportunities and return to the country armed with increased knowledge and skills." His remarks were conveyed in an official statement received on Sunday.

These BIM awardees have embarked on the pursuit of bachelor's degree (S1) and master's degree (S2) programs, setting off on their academic journey following an enlightening briefing held from August 13th to 19th in Jakarta.

As they embark on this academic and professional adventure, Hendarman conveyed his wishes for their success. He encouraged the scholars to continue their forward trajectory in propelling Indonesia towards advanced growth. "Happy adventure on your new academic and professional journey. Continue to move forward for Advanced Indonesia," Hendarman expressed.

He also offered crucial advice to the scholars, urging them to make the most of their international study experience. Encouraging interaction with fellow students from diverse corners of the world, he emphasized the significance of learning about new cultures and gaining diverse knowledge. "You are agents of change who will help Indonesia thrive and compete on the global stage," he affirmed.

Hendarman's guidance extended further, calling upon the scholars to serve as inspirations, innovators, and agents of positive transformation within Indonesian society and the nation as a whole.

Rikva Abrianna Napitupulu, a recipient hailing from the public high school SMAN 2 of South Tangerang, illuminated her vision for contributing to Indonesia's growth upon her return. Specializing in structural transportation and development, she expressed her aspirations to utilize her knowledge for the nation's advancement. "I focus (study) on structural transportation and development. I want to gain the knowledge and will share it with Indonesia to be more advanced," Napitupulu, who was accepted at the University of California, articulated.

Among the BIM Overseas Batch II awardees, numerous will embark on educational journeys at esteemed institutions such as the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Nanyang Technological University, Monash University, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW). This endeavor stands as a testament to Indonesia's commitment to nurturing global thinkers and fostering progress through the power of education.

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