Delve in deeper into SBS's hottest Kdrama on Netflix, Business Proposal, an exciting rom-com featuring the love life between Jin Young-Seo and Shin Ha-ri.


Business Proposal, one of the most anticipated K-dramas, is finally here. The series premiered on February 28th on SBS TV and is also available to be streamed weekly on Netflix. The drama is adapted from a webtoon by HaeHwa titled The Office Blind Date

It received a 4.9 percent audience score nationwide for Nielsen Korea for the premiere. The score keeps increasing as the episode goes to the point it received 10.8% nationwide on their 8th episode. 

The story takes place around Shin Ha-ri, a single businesswoman with no luck in romance as her crush already has a girlfriend. Shin Ha-ri then meets up with her friend, Jin Young-Seo, who is a daughter of a chaebol family. 

Jin Young-Seo asks Ha-ri to take her place in an upcoming blind date, even offering some money for it. Ha-ri agreed to it and went on the blind date as Jin Young-Seo with the intention of getting rejected by her date. Her blind date turns out to be Kang Tae-Moo, the CEO of the company she works at. 

Kang Tae-Moo is a workaholic and is annoyed when his grandfather sets up a blind date for him. He decides to marry the next woman whom he meets on the blind date in hope that his grandfather won’t disturb him. The woman turns out to be Shin Ha-ri, who is pretending to be Jin Young-Seo. 

The next day, Shin Ha-ri receives a phone call from Kang Tae-Moo, who asks her to marry him. 

**Star-studded cast K-drama**

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Ahn Hyo-Seop takes the role of Kang Tae-Moo, the main lead of the series. He is known for his work in K-drama series like Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), Lovers of the Red Sky (2021), Abyss (2019), and Still 17 (2018). He won the Excellent Actor award for SBS Drama Awards two years in a row in 2020 and 2021. 

The main female lead, Shin Ha-ri is played by Kim Sejeong. Sejeong is a former member of the K-pop group I.O.I and Gugudan. In the acting industry, she is known for her works like School 2017 (2017), I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019), and Uncanny Counter (2020). She won the K-Drama Hallyu Star Award in the 2019 KBS Drama Awards and Best New Actress award in 2017. 

Second main lead, Cha Sung-hoon, is played by Kim Minkyu. He is known for his roles in Snowdrop (2021), Nevertheless (2021), So I Married The Anti-Fan (2021). Jin Young-Seo, the second lead, is played by Seol Ina. She is known for her role in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (2017), Record of Youth (2020), Mr. Queen (2020). 

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