More than just a K-POP Influencer, BTS fans in India raised 2 million rupees for covid relief.


Today, everyone in the world probably heard a K-Pop boy band called BTS. But besides delivering an impact in the music industry, BTS also uses their influence and loyal fans to help current global issues.

And yes, even in the past few years, K-Pop fans have known to step up against the global crises. And recently, BTS fans in India have raised 2 million rupees (around  £20,000) to help the COVID-19 crisis in India. 

India has been impacted by the second wave of COVID-19. With daily cases that exceed more than 100 thousand cases, India is running out of oxygen and hospital spaces to treat people. 

“India is currently facing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the history of the pandemic,” the crowdfunder reads. “The second wave is far deadlier than the first and our healthcare infrastructure is under a lot of pressure. Individuals, as well as organisations, are trying to support the needs of the many affected by covid as best as they can.

It is not the first time that ARMY (AKA BTS fandom name)  raised crowdfunding against an important issue. Last year during the Black Lives Matter, ARMY raised $1 million. Not only that but K-Pop fans are also known for their other good causes like helping Syrian refugees in Europe, donating cameras to students in Kenya, and so forth. Additionally, it's not only BTS’s fans, other K-Pop fandoms have also contributed to sabotaging Trump’s rally in 2020, some have even helped victims of a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on the island of Sulawesi, and severe flooding in the province of South Kalimantan in Borneo. 

BTS themselves have been a positive role model to their fans, as they took part on social media to speak out against the anti-Asian hate and even shared their experiences of racism. 

It is comforting to see that there are still good examples of public figures out there during the difficult era. 

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