Indonesia's Leading Hotel Operator Clinches Two Prestigious Awards for Marketing and Operations


Archipelago International, a prominent player in the global hospitality industry, proudly announces its recognition with two esteemed awards this year, reaffirming its position as a trailblazer in tourism and hospitality. The CEO of Archipelago International, John Flood, was honored with "The Best Industry Marketing Champion 2023 for Tourism & Hospitality" by MarkPlus and "Indonesia Leading Local Hotel Operator by Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards 2023/2024" by the ITTA Foundation.

Marketing Excellence Recognized

The first accolade, "The Best Industry Marketing Champion 2023 for Tourism & Hospitality," was presented to John Flood by MarkPlus, Indonesia's premier marketing consulting firm. This award acknowledges Archipelago International's exemplary marketing strategies, marked by innovation and effectiveness. The company's initiatives, including the Archipelago Food Festival, Archipelago Black Box Battle, CSR Culinary Classroom, Archipelago Young Chef Challenge, and the launch of ASTON Sharia Pekalongan, showcase its commitment to pushing boundaries in the industry.

MarkPlus, founded in 1990 by marketing expert Hermawan Kartajaya, recognized Archipelago International for its impactful journey and leadership in the hospitality sector.

Leading Local Hotel Operator in Indonesia

The second award, "Indonesia Leading Local Hotel Operator," conferred by Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards 2023/2024, solidifies Archipelago International's stronghold in the Indonesian hospitality industry. With over 26 years of experience and a portfolio spanning Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, the company's Powered by Archipelago brand has become a go-to solution for hotel owners seeking business growth and market positioning.

John Flood expressed gratitude for the awards, attributing them to the dedication, teamwork, and consistent efforts of the remarkable Archipelago team. He emphasized that these accolades serve as inspiration to reach new heights in delivering excellence globally.

Global Expansion and Commitment to Excellence

Archipelago International, with more than 26 years of management experience, manages over 200 hotels with 45,000 room keys across various brands, including ASTON, Huxley, Kamuela, The Alana, and more. The company's global impact is underscored by its presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, making it one of the 40 top hotel operators globally, according to

As Archipelago International expands its footprint, these awards stand as a testament to the company's enduring success and its commitment to setting new standards in the ever-evolving world of hospitality. The recognition from MarkPlus and ITTA Foundation further cements Archipelago International's status as a beacon of excellence in the hospitality industry.

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