Culinary innovation unleashed: Archipelago Black Box Battle 2023 showcases West Java's finest culinary talents


Archipelago International, the premier hotel management company in Southeast Asia, dazzled culinary enthusiasts by successfully orchestrating the 2023 Black Box Battle at the renowned favehotel Pamanukan. This culinary spectacle brought together 10 top F&B leaders and 10 Executive Chefs from the vibrant West Java region, pushing their culinary prowess to the limits.

The event, held on December 6, 2023, unfolded with an air of excitement as participants were tasked with crafting delectable dishes and beverages within a limited time frame, all centered around a secret main ingredient concealed within a mysterious black box. The competition showcased the incredible talent and creativity of the chefs and F&B leaders who rose to the challenge, producing exceptional gastronomic delights.

Bintang Adhipradipta, the Hotel Manager of favehotel Pamanukan, expressed his pride in hosting the prestigious Archipelago Black Box Battle event. "It is an honor for us, favehotel Pamanukan, to host the Archipelago Black Box Battle event this time. As the host, we have prepared this event as best as possible, paying attention to every detail of the participants' needs, so that all participants can compete effectively."

In the fiercely contested Food Battle category, the winners were revealed, with Febrian Sjarif from Aston Pasteur clinching the 1st place and the prestigious Charles Brookfield Trophy. Adi Sucipto from Harper Purwakarta secured the 2nd place, earning the esteemed John Flood Trophy, while Sofyan Alfarisi from favehotel Hyper Square claimed the 3rd place.

The winners of the equally challenging Beverage Battle category were celebrated as well. Andri Mulyana from Harper Purwakarta triumphed in the 1st place, seizing the Charles Brookfield Trophy. Aang Tayudin from favehotel Hyper Square earned the 2nd place and the John Flood Trophy, while Angga Prihadi from Aston Cirebon proudly secured the 3rd place.

Windoe Santoso, Corporate Executive Chef at Archipelago International, emphasized the significance of the event as a platform for participants to showcase their culinary skills. "This event serves as a platform for all participants to showcase their skills in the culinary world. We also want to demonstrate to the entire community that Archipelago International has an extraordinary team of chefs and F&B leaders."

Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, expressed his pride in the exceptional talent on display. "Archipelago International is proud to once again organize the Archipelago Black Box Battle event for the West Java region. In this activity, all participants poured their creativity as they were challenged to process secret ingredients found inside a black box, and we commend them for their dedication to the culinary world."

Archipelago International extends hearty congratulations to the winners of the Black Box Battle 2023, acknowledging their culinary mastery and dedication to the art of gastronomy. The event undoubtedly left an indelible mark, reaffirming Archipelago International's commitment to celebrating and promoting culinary excellence in the region.

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