Celebrating Nusantara Cuisine: Archipelago Food Festival Delights Culinary Enthusiasts in Batu, East Java.


The Archipelago Food Festival (AFF) once again wows culinary enthusiasts with the richness of Nusantara cuisine, held in the beautiful city of Batu, East Java. In this edition, the AFF takes place at ASTON Inn Batu, commemorating its 5th anniversary and the Soft Opening of Eskala Eatery, Bar & Coffee, adding to the grandeur of the event. The festival aims to provide a delightful culinary experience for the people of Batu and beyond.

Organized by Executive Chefs from various hotels under the Archipelago International umbrella, the Archipelago Food Festival offers a spectacular showcase of the theme "Discover Nusantara Culinary Delights Where Gastronomy Meets Natural Beauty." On July 14, 2023, ten Executive Chefs from Archipelago International Hotels in East Java Region and its surroundings present their culinary prowess at the Semeru New Ballroom in ASTON Inn Batu.

Guests can indulge in a variety of Nusantara dishes, including the famous Rawon Sapi (beef stew) and Rujak Cingur (traditional fruit and vegetable salad with boiled cow snout). Other mouthwatering delicacies such as Bekakak Chicken, Woku Belanga Chicken, Sate Padang, Roti Jala, Empek-Empek, Coto Makassar, Soto Banjar, and more are also featured at the festival.

Corporate Executive Chef of Archipelago International, Denny Frederick, shared, "Archipelago Food Festival is an activity that takes place as a roadshow in several cities in Indonesia every month throughout the year 2023. As an initiative to support the revival of the culinary industry, especially in the hospitality sector, it also aims to introduce cuisine made with the best quality ingredients and cooked using professional methods by the Executive Chefs from Archipelago International hotels."

Winston J Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, expressed pride in presenting a diverse range of delectable Nusantara dishes at the festival. He stated, "This is an opportunity to share the flavors of Indonesia's gastronomic wealth and promote our hotels as the best culinary destinations. At Archipelago International, we are committed to providing the finest culinary experiences, as seen in our restaurants, bars, and cafes. Join us at this festival to savor our delightful dishes."

Aside from the delightful culinary journey, the AFF at ASTON Inn Batu comes alive with exciting entertainment, including contemporary dance performances, live bands, and chef live cooking shows. As an added attraction, the 5th-anniversary celebration of ASTON Inn Batu brings the inauguration of Eskala Eatery, Bar & Coffee, providing guests with a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the stunning ambiance. With a comfortable swimming pool, refreshing green gardens, and a bar serving an array of drinks and food, Eskala Eatery, Bar & Coffee is poised to become a favorite spot for guests seeking a memorable experience.

The Archipelago Food Festival in Batu - Malang presents a gastronomic extravaganza that celebrates the cultural richness and culinary heritage of Indonesia's Nusantara region, showcasing the best of East Java's cuisine. It's a feast for the senses and a true celebration of Indonesia's culinary treasures.

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