Bringing on-demand entertainment to the guests.


Archipelago International, Southeast Asia's largest private and independent hotel management organization, is the first Indonesian hotel management company to partner with Mola to provide guests with nonstop free subscription entertainment.

Archipelago has collaborated with Nomaden TV to develop ArchTV, an Android-based TV platform that will replace traditional live-TV channels. ArchTV powered by Nomaden TV provides a broader TV content selection for guests, giving them the freedom to select their preferred entertainment.


Photo Courtesy of Archipelago International


Guests may access Mola without needing to subscribe. Thanks to ArchTV's Nomaden IPTV infrastructure, which allows them to choose their favorite movies, TV series, music concerts, kids' videos, and sporting events. The ArchTV technology and Mola subscription are currently accessible at ASTON Kemayoran City Hotel and ASTON Inn Jemursari, with all other Archipelago-affiliated properties to follow soon.

Mola, a well-known Over The Top service, has live and on-demand broadcasting rights to a variety of sporting events, including the Premier League, UFC, and others. Mola also has a movie and television series library, which includes numerous original features, providing a wide range of entertainment alternatives for people of all ages that can be viewed at any time.


Photo Courtesy of Archipelago International


“We want to make sure our customers won’t miss their favorite program while they’re on vacation or a business trip, so we make it easy for them to enjoy Mola shows on a big TV screen while staying at the Archipelago hotel chain. This partnership is the start of B2B partnership expansion to broaden reach to users,” says Eriek Lukito, Business Growth Division Head of Mola.

Nomaden TV is Indonesia's first technology cloud IPTV platform for the hospitality industry, offering end-to-end solutions at no cost. Guests can also use Chromecast to cast all of the media material on ArchTV, which is powered by Nomaden TV.


Photo Courtesy of Archipelago International


“We have succeeded in transforming the paradigm of TV hotels, from conventional to world-class modern entertainment that is more interactive. This technological shift was done without high investment costs, in accordance with our tagline “zero investment, zero downtime”, says Vedy Eriyanto, the President Director of VNT Networks.

"The demand for entertainment has changed, guests are no longer watching live television. They want something familiar, like watching the same show they watch at home or through their mobile phone. We are delighted to be the first hotel operator to partner with Mola through ArchTV powered by Nomaden TV, giving guests the comfort to browse and watch their favorite shows. Through this technology, guests can directly access the entertainment platform without needing or creating their own logins." says John M. Flood, President & CEO of Archipelago International



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