Aloha PIK: Where Hawaiian and Indonesian Culinary Delights Converge by the Seaside


Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) welcomed a new addition to its thematic destinations with the grand opening of Aloha PIK on August 8, 2023. This seaside culinary hotspot, located on the four-kilometer White Sand Beach in PIK2, offers a unique blend of Hawaiian and Indonesian styles, providing a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of curated culinary choices.

Steven Kusumo, Founder and CEO of Arkana – Agung Sedayu Group, expressed his excitement about Pantai Indah Kapuk's growth as an integrated township offering comprehensive facilities. He highlighted its strategic location near the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and the city center, making it an appealing destination for both local residents and global visitors.

Aloha PIK captures the essence of both Hawaiian and Indonesian cultures, offering stunning views of the Java Sea against a backdrop of soft white sands. The grand opening of Aloha PIK on August 8, 2023, was graced by the presence of Agung Sedayu Group's Board of Directors and inaugurated by Erick Thohir, Minister of BUMN (State-Owned Enterprises). The celebration embraced the Nusantara theme, featuring lively entertainment representing different regions of Indonesia.

The architectural styles, decorations, and facilities at Aloha PIK reflect the tropical vibes of both cultures. The main lobby features a spacious foyer with comfortable seating areas for guests to relax and enjoy snacks. Oasis-like pools scattered around provide a refreshing ambiance, illuminated by colorful lights and surrounded by greenery. The buildings and open balconies are constructed using elements of wood, straws, sand, rattan, and bamboo, creating an inviting and airy atmosphere throughout Aloha PIK.

Lina Huwan, Director of Commercial Retail 2 Arkana – Agung Sedayu Group, highlighted the thematic concept of each commercial and retail project under Arkana, which aims to combine global cultures with Indonesian influences. She emphasized the warm hospitality and professional management that contribute to visitors' joy and unique experiences at their recreational centers and shopping malls.

A dedicated Children’s Playground at Aloha PIK offers a range of fun activities, including a swimming pool, slides, a ball pool, a playhouse, and more. Parents can purchase swimming devices on-site and buy tickets to supervise their children while they play.

Hungry visitors can explore a variety of restaurants and cafés at Aloha PIK, including Ala Moana by Abraco Bistro & Bar, Monsieur Spoon, Hotlicks Texas BBQ & Bar, Bebek Bengil, Okinawa Sushi, Hoghock, Bornchick, Sabai-Sabai, Truffle Belly, Koppi, Sate Republik, Kokonuts Ice Cream, Hei Hei, Just Coco, Pizza NYC, and more.

Ang Fu Shen, Deputy Director of Commercial Retail 2 Arkana – Agung Sedayu Group, emphasized Aloha PIK's strategic location in the PIK CBD area, seamlessly integrating with thematic destinations, residential spaces, offices, and various facilities. The conceptual design, refreshing natural views, and trendy F&B tenants make Aloha PIK a significant addition to the choices of thematic destinations in the White Sand Beach PIK2 area.

Throughout the year, Aloha PIK plans to host family-friendly events that contribute to the festive atmosphere. With its unique blend of Hawaiian and Indonesian influences, Aloha PIK is poised to become a beloved culinary destination for residents and visitors from Indonesia and beyond.

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