Feels like a foot spa, but for running.


Women often find themselves pondering in front of the running shoe shelves, trying to find a pair that isn't too chunky but still comfortable yet stylish. However, Adidas changed the game seven years ago by launching the Ultraboost series. Nearing the end of 2021, the brand treats our feet to Adidas Ultraboost 22.

"We created the Adidas Ultraboost 22 by taking a more holistic approach to the way we design our running shoes," said Nora Wilimzig, senior product manager at Adidas Running.

"The Ultraboost 22 is crafted with the goal of supporting our female running community by providing them with a shoe that delivers ultimate expression of comfort and responsiveness."

While the previous Ultraboost 21 saw a renewed focus on performance, the Ultraboost 22 further alters the image that the series is just a comfortable lifestyle sneaker. The new pair comes with a bulkier sole unit, raised heel, and lighter upper.

"We were looking here into making the instep lower because this is a difference that was definitely quite significant," Wilimzig told Runners World. "The other point was that we updated was the heel fit. We made the heal more narrow in the bottom, as well going up to the Achilles tendon as well."

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The design was based on an online anatomy database of 1.2 million foot scans, enabling the Ultraboost 22 to be refined and re-engineered further to create a 360-degree improvement on fit to meet the demands of runners.

"Women, in general, have a more centered gait cycle transitioning to the forefoot," Wilimzin continued. "And what we did here is we updated the holes in the rear foot to make them a bit longer. So once the force is hitting the ground and transitioning to the forefoot, the Boost can expand and stretch into the right direction going into the forefoot."

An all-new Primeknit+ upper is made with yarn containing 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic for a supportive fit that's also environmentally friendly and LEP torsion system combined with the signature BOOST midsole for optimal energy return, up to 4 percent more than the prior Ultraboost 21.

"Energy return" was introduced back in 2013 by Adidas Ultra Boost. The term refers to the fact that when a runner's foot hits the ground, the cushioning on the shoe compresses. A shoe with great energy returns compresses less than others for a bouncy stride. The Ultraboost 22 contains a handful of bells and whistles, including linear energy push for a responsive run, to support this.

"When we look at the hip of the average woman versus the average man, a woman's hips are obviously wider. And this makes the Q-angle stronger, which can lead into knock knees, and that can lead into overpronation," Wilimzig explained.

"The outsole is always working with Boost – the Boost stretches because it is still a very soft and cushioned material – and [by closing the holes] we channeled the Boost sheering into the right direction. So, everything stays where it is, and this helps to prevent the overpronation."

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The shoes earned a token of approval from Shaunae Miller-Uibo, an Adidas athlete and two-time Olympic champion.

"The Ultraboost 22 represents an exciting step for Adidas Running and shows the brand's continued commitment to providing all runners with the best product in order to support them in achieving their personal goals," she said.

"As an athlete, seeing brands innovate and push boundaries inspires me to do the same. It's great to know that I have the support I need every step of the way."

The complete colorways will feature the versatile Triple Black and Triple White, Magic Grey, Vivid Red, the classic Y-3, Core Black that features a dash of pink, the iconic Legacy Purple, and silver COLD.RDY.

However, for the first tease, Adidas Ultraboost 22 was launched in Magic Mauve colorway on December 9. It is available globally at stores near you and

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