Start 2022 with exclusive "infinitely recyclable" Pradidas collection.


Prada and Adidas recently launched the third collection of their collaboration named "Pradidas", featuring apparel, accessories, and sneakers.

The collaboration implements Prada's major sustainability development of Re-Nylon fabric, replacing the use of nylon commonly used by both the Italian brand and the German sportswear's track pants.

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Re-Nylon was first introduced by Prada in 2019. It is crafted from recycled plastic waste collected from oceans and textile fiber waste. It is an effort to cut down on the enormous amounts of fabric waste from the global fashion industry and swap materials made from non-renewable resources, such as coal and petroleum.

"It can be purified and recycled indefinitely, with no loss of quality," reads a press release from Prada.

Through their previous collaborations, Prada and Adidas reimagined Adidas's signature Superstar and Luna Rossa 21 sneakers. This year, the Prada-branded Forum, teased by A$AP Rocky in September, will make its debut. The shoes come with a chunky, retro silhouette and a teensy, triangle-logo Prada pouch, available in both high and how-top iterations. The two brands ditched the sleek look and went more for a contemporary style.

Apart from the shoes, the collection also presents tracksuits, jackets, tops, bucket hats, and bags, complete with black stripes or black with white stripes and Prada's emblematic triangular logo.

Prada's Korean It Boy Featured the Collection

Korean boy group NCT member, Jaehyun, also dubbed Prada's It Boy, wore the entire collection — from the sweatsuit, bucket hat, and the reimagined Adidas Originals Forum — in an Instagram post he posted on January 7, a few days prior to the launch.

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Captioned "Adidas x Prada Re-Nylon collection", the post has garnered over 2 million likes on his Instagram and was reposted by a member of the visual planning team at SM Entertainment, his agency.

Fans took to social media and praised how "expensive" Jaehyun looked and wondered if the decision to style the collection was his own.

Jaehyun's journey with Prada began last year in Summer when he attended the live stream of the Prada Spring/Summer 2022 show for remote VIP guests, alongside other celebrities such as SNSD's Seohyun and Tiffany, as well as Kim Taeri — Prada's new ambassador — and actor Lee Jong-suk. 

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"Jaehyun proves his global influence, becoming the first Korean & the only celebrity in the world to livestream PRADA's 2022 Spring/Summer women's wear collection on his social media account!" said an official from Prada.

He was featured on GQ Korea December 2021 edition following the event, donning Prada's newest collection from head to toe.

As of recent, Prada announced Jaehyun as one of #PradaPeople, attending Prada F/W 2022 Show presented by Miucci Prada and Raf Simons, alongside names such as Larray, Blake Gray, Amelie Zilber, Guanyu Zhou and Brent Rivera.



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