KJRI Toronto's Annual Festival Showcases the Best of Indonesian Gastronomy and Art to the Canadian Community.


The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Toronto proudly presented the Indonesian Food Festival (IFF) 2023 at Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto. The one-day festival featured 15 vendors, including 13 food and beverage vendors from various Indonesian restaurants and culinary spots in Toronto and surrounding areas, along with 2 Indonesian handcraft vendors. Approximately 5,000 visitors enjoyed authentic Indonesian cuisines and indulged in 24 art and cultural performances by members of the Indonesian community and diaspora.

In her opening speech, Consul General of RI Toronto, Dyah Lestari Asmarani, expressed that IFF 2023 aimed to bring Indonesia closer to the Canadian community, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of Indonesia's culture.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, conveyed his appreciation through a video message for KJRI Toronto's efforts in showcasing Indonesian cuisine to the Toronto community. The festival not only promoted cultural exchange and Indonesia-Canada diplomacy but also supported the promotion of Indonesian culinary products and businesses in Toronto.

Throughout the festival, visitors savored a wide array of Indonesian delicacies, including rendang, nasi Padang, Madurese duck/chicken, Madurese satay, chicken curry, sayur lodeh, siomay, nasi lalapan tempe penyet, nasi uduk orek tempe, bakso, peanut sauce chicken satay, ayam lilit, mie ayam, complete nasi kuning, mie goreng, iga bakar nusantara, roasted goat, nasi jeruk daging meranggi, chicken in sweet soy sauce, batagor, and bakmi. Some visitors also enjoyed popular Indonesian desserts such as es teler, iced tea, es blewah, and es cendol/dawet, while others indulged in various traditional snacks and treats like bakwan, fried bananas, sagu mango, tempe mendoan, tempeh satay, fried tempeh, assorted Lebaran cookies (nastar, putri salju, and kastangel), rengginang, tempeh chips, risoles, and stuffed tofu.

The festival also showcased Indonesian art and culture, featuring performances such as tari Indang, tari Enggang, Ratoh Jaroe, tari Tor-Tor, tari Maumere, and Poco-Poco (dance flash mob), tari Legong Bapang Saba - Bali, tari Rantak, tari Legong Kraton "Condong", tari Yapong, tari Niskala Seblang, tari Gelang Room, Medley Tari Bambangan Cakil – Manuk Rawa – Tari Piring, and tari Lenggang. The dance performances were interspersed with gamelan ensembles (Sundanese and Balinese), angklung music, pencak silat demonstrations, traditional and cultural fashion shows, contemporary solo and band performances, and cooking demonstrations.

The Indonesian Food Festival (IFF) is an annual event organized by KJRI Toronto to promote Indonesian cuisine and arts to the Canadian community, especially in Toronto. IFF serves as a platform to strengthen not only the bonds between the Indonesian community and the Indonesian diaspora but also to foster relationships with the local community in Toronto.

The successful organization of IFF 2023 was made possible by the collaboration and support from the Indonesian community and diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area and full sponsorship from various organizations and companies.

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