Adidas supports marginalized students as part of its partnership with the Iovine and Young Academy and Dr. D'Wayne Edwards' organization.


With the rise of digital platforms and the increasing number of students wanting to explore their future, it's more important than ever that youth have access to the right tools and opportunities to shape their future. This is why Adidas is supporting the Iovine and Young Academy and Dr. D'Wayne Edwards' efforts.

Adidas and Edwards' partnership marks an ongoing effort to provide the next generation of designers with the skills and confidence to shape the future of fashion.

"This partnership marks an ongoing chapter to offer the next generation of creative thinkers and dreamers the skills to shape the future of design. Despite someone's background or economic standing, kids bold enough to dream big should be provided with equitable access to education," said Edwards, who established Pensole to allow young designers to study alongside some of the industry's best in 2010.

In the fall, students from the Iovine and Young Academy collaborated with D Smoke to create an apparel and footwear line that launched in select stores on February 7.

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Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young created the Iovine and Young Academy to give young entrepreneurs and innovators the tools and inspiration to become successful leaders. In partnership with LAUSD, a new high school will be launched.

Through Adidas's partnership with Pensole and the Iovine and Young Academy, students of color will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and confidence to shape their future.

As a company that has been a part of the Los Angeles community for a long time, Adidas is proud to be involved in these new initiatives that will help address the needs of students from historically under-served communities.

Adidas supports entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and Inglewood
"Adidas has long been involved in the Los Angeles area and its community. As part of our commitment to continue to support communities and our youth, we're proud to be part of these new partnerships to advance opportunities for students from communities who are historically underserved," Adidas Senior Director, Communities & Social Impact Ayesha Martin said.

Through these collaborations, students in Los Angeles and across the country will have the opportunity to connect with some of the best in the industry. Martin noted, "We're bringing together the absolute best in sport, business and design — first working with students in the Los Angeles area and then with others around the country through Adidas Community."

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As part of its commitment to the LA community, Adidas is working with Black Ambition, a non-profit organization that aims to close the wealth gap between entrepreneurs by investing in Black and Latinx. This initiative included a series of workshops in January, culminating in the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for funding.

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