Come for the essential gelato experience and conquer Bali's heat.


Every time people hear about traveling to Indonesia, Bali is likely the first thing that comes to mind. As Bali is one of the best travel destinations in the country, it is no wonder that it has a lot of culinary spots that you can try, including gelato shops.

Bali is, to no one's wonder, a hot place, and gelato shops offer a much-needed refuge for locals or tourists who are not used to the heat. Plus, gelato is quite a healthy dessert, so it is safe to consume it a little bit often once in a while. Here are some gelato shops that are recommended for you to try if you're planning to go to Bali.

Gusto Gelato

Located in Seminyak, Gusto Gelato is one of the best gelato shops in Bali. Chef Regis and his Indonesian crew create a wide variety of delectable ice cream flavors for Gusto Gelato that will leave you speechless. 

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Aside from its gelato, which comes in roughly 31 flavors, it also has sherbet ice cream in approximately 15 flavors. Depending on your mood, you can select from a variety of flavors. They also help local businesses by purchasing their gelato ingredients from local markets.

Massimo Gelato

Massimo Gelato is in a Bali-based Italian restaurant located in Sanur. You'll discover a variety of vibrant yet delightful flavors here, and your gelato may come with a fruit topping. 

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Mars, rum raisin, kiwi yogurt, espresso, salty caramel, vitamin C are among the popular varieties here. If you didn't get the flavor you wanted, the gelato maker promises to make one you'd want when you visit again. 

Icelab, Finest Gelato

Icelab is another gelato shop that makes its gelato solely with natural ingredients. Customers can get premium gelato, sorbets, and jams from Icelab. 

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They are also vegan shops that have developed vegan gelato recipes using coconut and soy to reduce the need for cow milk and cream. Without a doubt, there is a lot of exceptional flavors here. If you're visiting Kuta, make sure to come to their shop.

Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory's selection of products is meticulous. With fresh milk, fresh cream, and fresh seasonal local fruit, they create not only a gluten-free product but also one that is free of hydrogenated fats and artificial colorings. 

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Yogurt, coffee, fior di latte, mint chocolate, durian, Nutella, matcha, and lemon are always available. If none of them is your flavor of choice, worry not. Gelato Factory believes that its products should be enjoyed by all, which is why they develop new flavors on a regular basis, constantly keeping in mind potential allergies and intolerances.

Gelato Secrets

Another well-known ice cream shop with locations in Jakarta and Bali is Gelato Secrets. They have nine locations throughout Bali, so you can easily find them. Their gelato is created with 100 percent natural ingredients, such as fresh milk and cream. 

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They also have sorbet, which is a low-fat choice for customers. It uses 100 percent fresh fruits, water, and sugar, with no preservatives. With its East meets West concept, it aims to create and serve an exotic variety of gelato, using a lot of unique Indonesian flavors and seasonal local fruits and herbs. They often supply their products to many five-star hotels and restaurants in the region.

Those were our five most recommended gelato shops in Bali for you to try. If you're planning to visit them, you can take a look at all of their websites or social media first to get a glimpse of their store's vibes and atmosphere.



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