The anime Demon Slayer continues its second season with the appearance of Tengen Uzui.


With just one season of its original series, Demon Slayer quickly became a fan favorite in 2019. It has a unique story and features plenty of characters to get fans excited.

Even though many fans rave about the series, some issues are hard to overcome when it comes to becoming a passionate fan of Demon Slayer.

1. The manga is finished
Although the second season of the series has started airing, the manga has already finished in 2020, which might be disappointing for those who thought that the series would last longer. The end is near for the anime fans.


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2. Avoiding spoilers
Although it's easier to watch dubbed anime now, there's still a chance that fans who prefer the dubbed version may get spoiled by those who watch the subbed version. This is because dubbed anime takes longer to be released.

3. The void between seasons
It's typical for manga to release weekly, which means fans don't have to wait long for the story to update. However, just like with other anime series, Demon Slayer takes a long time to produce new episodes.

While the new episode of Demon Slayer is released weekly, it could take months or even years to get a new season, which most fans of Demon Slayer can relate to.

4. Rushed story
Despite how great the series is, it still has issues with pacing. Some scenes can drag on too long, and some of them are rushed with little explanation. Tanjiro's training takes a long time to complete, but Urokodaki's backstory tends to get rushed in certain areas.

5. So many yet too little
There are plenty of other characters in the series that the fans can love, but they only get enough time to spotlight each character. This can be a bit of a frustration for those who want to see more development of the other characters.

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6. The anime has better art than the manga
The art for the anime is far better than the manga. The anime has crisp lines, vibrant colors, barely noticeable 3D rendering, and not to mention the scoring, which complements each scene. It is primarily because the show is created by multiple artists, while the manga is only drawn by one person.

7. The iconic intro
One of the best parts of watching anime is the introduction song, it's a significant part of anime, and many fans have fond memories of this moment. Unfortunately, it can be an earworm once the series has already ended.



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