We don’t only have one, but many more.


Fried rice is the most popular (aside from rendang) cuisine in Indonesia. Who doesn't like fried rice? Even Barrack Obama loves it. Fried rice is a very down-to-earth cuisine. But, we are easily found this food in high-end restaurants as well. When we start to confuse picking up the menu, fried rice becomes the last choice because fried rice is never wrong. 

Maybe you don’t realize that Indonesia has a lot of different types of fried rice. And of course, they can't be found in other countries, unless Indonesia. Here are some kinds of fried rice that only exist in Indonesia. 

Indonesian lamb fried rice

If you like cuisine full of spices, maybe you will like it too. The ingredients are some or more spices, like turmeric, lemongrass, and cardamom. The lamb, which is the main actor, is served sliced thinly or square-cut. We also need to spice up the lamb; often, you need curry paste and some ketchup to make it tastier. 

Beef tripe fried rice from Semarang

When you go to Semarang, it feels incomplete when you haven't tasted beef tripe fried rice there. A legendary place to eat beef tripe fried rice in Semarang is in Nasi Goreng Babat Pak Karmin Mberok. It was already established decades ago and still has become the most popular today.

The beef tripe is boiled and seasoning with secret spices to elevate its aroma. The price per serving of Semarang tripe fried rice is around Rp25,000. You can buy on Jalan Pemuda Number 2, Dadapsari, North Semarang, Semarang City if you want to try. Open from 08.00-22.30 WIB.

Nasi goreng kampung 

This is perfect for breakfast time. The recipe is quite simple: rice, garlic, egg, chili, onion, salt, and paper. You only need to heat s few oils, saute onion and garlic until they are fragrant. Add the cayenne pepper and red chili, then stir well. Cook until the spices are absorbed. 

Red-colored fried rice from Surabaya

Surabaya fried rice has an eye-catching color as its appearance comes from tomato sauce. This culinary is widely sold alongside the main street in Surabaya. The taste is delicious, like Indonesian fried rice else. 

Sundanese fried rice

Sundanese fried rice has a special spice, which is aromatic ginger as the main ingredient. Sundanese fried rice has a distinct taste as compared to most variations of fried rice. This fried rice from West Java uses the unique aromatic galangal as one of the basic ingredients. A complete and delicious meal that it can enjoy at any time of day.


Fried rice ala Chef Tiarbah

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Chef Tiarbah has become a trending topic because of his recipe of homemade beef jerky fried rice. People on social media are curious to try it as this is a super best-seller menu. Chef Tarbiah is getting popular because of his phenomenal fried rice.

Until now, he has had 25 franchise partners in some of the big cities shortly. Chef Tiarbah's fried rice is different from others. The ingredients are simple; garlic, salt, pepper, and eggs. He doesn't put sweet soy sauce, and he adds beef fat instead of chicken or meatball like common fried rice. 





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