"Semusim, dan Semusim Lagi", DKJ 2012 Novel Writing Competition's top five by Andina Dwifatma, recently got a reprint.


"Semusim, dan Semusim Lagi" is one of the five best works in the Jakarta Arts Council (DKJ) Novel Writing Competition in 2012. The novel by Andina Dwifatma has been republished by Gramedia Pustaka Utama with an orange cover and a fish icon — her trademark.

This extraordinary work, which deserves its spot as winning literature, is able to make the reader feel a burst of emotion from calm to happiness that appears when reading it. Alas, that warm feeling turns into emptiness when the reader has reached the last page.

"Armed with a letter that arrives on one odd day, a girl travels to a foreign city to meet a father she hasn't seen since she was a child. A photo and an address guide her through the S City and meet people he never imagined: JJ Henri, the man in the pet hat who gave her her first hug; Oma Jaya, a neighbor's grandmother who believes her husband has been reincarnated as a goldfish; Muara, the first man to whisper about love; Sobron, the giant fish who likes to play puzzles—and of course, a father that she has secretly been waiting for," reads the official synopsis of this book.

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The story of a "Me"
Authors typically use simple analogies that are adapted to the context of a sentence to explain hidden meanings, but Andina instead took an opposite approach in "Semusim, dan Semusim Lagi" by explaining the simple thoughts and presumptions of the main character, simply named "Aku" (I, Me), with world-class philosophers.

Interestingly, the author also includes music, book titles, films, names of interesting characters, and unique world facts within her narration, such as an excerpt on page 24 which discusses the prohibition on long hair for men imposed by the Indonesian government in the 70s. In addition, Andina also sparked an interesting discussion on the Religion of the Earth and the Religion of Heaven within this book.

The characterizations develop perfectly with the use of appropriate and exploratory Indonesian language and the satirical sentences that are always present in every beautiful paragraph, making the overall storytelling have a quirky vibe.

Andina herself is a writer born in Jakarta, September 15, 1986, who writes on the sidelines of her busy life as a journalist in a media. Andina previously wrote a collaborative novel entitled "Lenka" in 2011 and a collection of short stories "Si Murai dan Orang Gila" in 2010. She's also known for the 2013 best selling "Lebih Senyap dari Bisikan".

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