Indonesia offers various beach tours and a relatively comfortable temperature.


A travel site from Dutch,, made a scene for the Indonesian public. The location made an article on their survey report titled Most Chilled Out Countries in The World. And can you guess which country will rank first in this survey? Of course, Indonesia.

Actually, there is nothing strange about the results of the survey, which was held in 2019. However, considering that the Indonesians are euphoric if their country is mentioned abroad, the results of this survey have skyrocketed on social media. They are being discussed again in various media.

In the survey, the assessment of the most peaceful country is on the number of holidays, light and noise pollution, private rights of citizens, and the temperature in the country. Of course, this refers to the standards of organizers on the European continent viewing Southeast Asian countries as attractive places for foreign tourists.


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In the survey, Indonesia got a good score. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia offers various beach tours and a relatively comfortable temperature, an average of 25 degrees Celsius. For foreign tourists, this is a coveted paradise.

Adequate facilities and infrastructure to support the vacation time of foreign tourists. In addition, there are more than 186 green spaces, an average holiday per year of 30 days, 66 spas in each area, and easy-to-find health tours. No wonder Indonesia has been named the most relaxed country.

Under Indonesia, there is Australia, which is the right country to relax. With unique animals of kangaroos and koalas, this country has 30 days of annual leave, has 40 thousand kilometers of coastline, and 187 green spaces spread across the continent.

After Australia, there is Iceland. This small country in northern Europe has an average annual temperature of 1.75 degrees Celsius, but why was it chosen? Iceland offers a variety of exciting tourist destinations.

The country with the nickname 'Land of Fire and Ice' is one of the places to enjoy the northern lights or aurora. There is no doubt about Iceland's security in providing comfort for foreign tourists.

In fourth place is New Zealand. Australia's neighboring country is considered suitable for relaxing because it offers a charming landscape and diverse natural attractions.

In fifth place is Sri Lanka. The country in South Asia is developing into a tourist destination targeted by tourists. Its tropical natural beauty is outstanding, with a coastline that offers warm weather all year round. Suitable for traveling and relaxing.

Several other countries are populating this list. After Sri Lanka, there are Cyprus, the Philippines, Greece, India, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Spain. Each country is famous for the characteristics offered to foreign tourists.


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Lastminute's survey also shows the ways that people from each country do to unwind. Meditation and yoga is achieved by India; short naps are common in Greece and Spain.

Drinking wine to unwind is done by French citizens; traditional Thai massages are refreshing. Sauna is most often done by Finns to relax, and Japanese people really like hot baths.

The survey also shows what things are most often done to unwind. Indonesia is known for its beautiful beaches; the Philippines was chosen to offer its beautiful nature, Iceland, for gazing at the night stars.

Thailand is famous for its best spa resort services. Cuba is renowned for enjoying the atmosphere of the old city and its museums and Sri Lanka for its great holidays.


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