We have so much fun there!


Now we know why Bali became one of the top preferred spots for the "digital nomads" — after all, the paradise island has everything they want, from infrastructure to support their work to facilities to support their leisure. 

Bali is the right choice for those who are very demanding of mindfulness when working, and while there are tons of options for a place to stay there, the Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo is one of the standouts. Why? Let's find out!

Sustainability first

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For those who are genuinely eco-conscious, you'd be glad to learn that the Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo is particularly concerned about sustainability, and they show it. For instance, they have started to reduce plastic usage. 

To give you an idea of how they walk the talk, they use reusable bottles for shampoo and liquid soap. Plus, they employ creative copywriting for each bottle to steal the guests' attention.

They also use wooden toothbrushes to eliminate unnecessary waste while giving you the same quality of cleaning that a plastic brush can offer. In fact, wooden toothbrushes are just as strong as plastic. 

Sustainability fans might also be pleased to learn that instead of using single-use plastic water bottles, The Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo uses reusable glass bottles for their purified water. Excellent!


Digital transformation and contactless technology

After the pandemic, the hospitality trends toward digitalization and how to optimize technology for the contactless experience. The Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo adapts this by presenting exclusive concierge apps to give an effortless experience for travelers for a worry-free experience. 


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People can use live chat and free call service to order and request amenities, as well as discover more about special offers, facilities, and activities — which is a refreshing take on design and experience. 

Self-service laundry is provided for guests who want to wash their clothes. It's free, and there is a guide to guide you on using the washing machine. Free detergent is also provided. The self-service laundry at the Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo consists of a laundry room featuring washing machines and tumble dryers. It's complimentary for guests to use 24 hours a day. 


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Amazing breakfast on board

For you who love breakfast, lucky you — their breakfast selection is excellent all around. We particularly recommend the Mamaka Hotel's signature protein-packed Big Breakfast. The eggs benedict, which consists of beef bacon, hollandaise sauce, and brioche, is also a star.


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What if meat isn't your thing? You'd be glad then to know that there are guilt-free vegan options here as well. Ovolo Hotels claims to have the most irresistible and forward-thinking all-vegetarian menus. We had the opportunity to taste the coconut panna cotta that is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. The taste is light!

Pet-friendly accommodation

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Are you looking for pet-friendly holiday accommodation? Mamaka Hotel by Ovolo is the right choice for you. Unlike regular pet-friendly hotels that allow dogs, the hotel offers pet-lovers an indulgent experience, complete with amenities and good treats to pamper you and your pooch like a true VIP. Y

our faithful companion will sleep on the doggy bed and relax like an absolute boss. Also, they will get an eating/drinking mat and food bowl to feast in style. 

Cycles, for free

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If you feel tired from your work, take a break. We are in the heart of Bali. Enjoying the refreshing Bali air by cycling is an experience that is too bad to miss. The Mamaka Hotel wants you to have a healthy staycation, so they have got free bicycles for you to use — for free! Ready for a ride?

Overall, we had an excellent work-staycation in this hotel. The good vibe of the hotel is especially something to remember. Why not try it yourself?



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