It's a matter of pride when Indonesian products are chosen by West Coast Custom for their latest project


The Indonesian auto modification and parts world can pat itself on the back after the well-known automotive boutique West Coast Custom (WCC) presented its latest creation using their products.

The workshop in Burbank, California, the U.S., modified a Honda Civic EF that belongs to the YouTube personality Jesse Sebastiani as part of marketing for fashion apparel Full Send. The modification house, partly made famous by the classic "Pimp My Ride" show, is still the go-to place for the world's celebrity choice to modify their rides.

The Honda Civic EF, also known as the Civic Nouva, touches the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) style. This modification was made by the head of the WCC design, Musa Tjahjono, an Indonesian.

The Honda Civic Nouva's new look certainly has an out-of-the-box look, with Project J body kit and DNZ Wheels pellets — all original Indonesian products. The 16-inch DNZ Type One rims are painted in red, giving this car a neat and aesthetic look.

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The 1988 Civic Nouva's dramatic change is owed to the Project J body kit, including a front lip, bumper, widebody fenders, side skirts, rear fenders, and rear bumper. This material is shipped directly from Indonesia.

DNZ Wheels rims make the legs of the Civic Nouva even more pleasing to the eye. The 16 x 7 inches rims — PCD sizes 4/100 and ET 38 — came from Garasi Drift, Indonesia.

In a video uploaded on the WCC official Youtube channel, the process of modifying the Civic Nouva unit was first presented in an unkempt condition. The workers at the modification house then made design changes and carried out a restoration process that involved almost all parts of the vehicle.

"Jesse from Full Send brought the car to us (WCC). We try to give the best as we usually do here. Of course, Indonesian products: DNZ Wheels and Bodykit Project J are the main items we want to embed, and we must admit the quality. Indonesian products are already world-class," said Musa Tjahjono, Head Designer of West Coast Customs.

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The use of Indonesian products by a world-renowned modification house is clearly something to be proud of for the modification world of the country. The National Modification and Aftermarket Association (NMAA) consistently supports the creations of the nation's children on the world stage.

"The presence of two Indonesian-made automotive products at West Coast Customs is a positive achievement for the industry. ... Moreover, WCC is a World Famous Automotive Workshop or what we call the 'world modification window for the automotive world' ... salute to DNZ Wheels and Project," said NMAA founder Andre Mulyadi.

When it was first launched, the Civic Nouva Project J body kit was priced at 2,500 US Dollars or around Rp 40 million. Project J also provides installation assistance for local customers. DNZ Wheels rims, meanwhile, are currently priced at around Rp 6 million.


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