As a celebration of the local brand's 10th year anniversary, Wearstatusquo clothing brand launched its newest birthday collection "Lucid Dream: An Anniversary Collection" following their Las Vegas exhibition.


Another Indonesian talent aside from Peggy Hartanto flourished the good name of the country. Indonesia's local brand, Wearstatusquo, was founded by Janet Prasetio. Following the success of her fashion exhibition in Las Vegas, United States, the brand launched its newest collection in celebration of its 10th year anniversary, the Lucid Dream collection. 

Wearstatusquo is a pioneering e-commerce fashion brand that was built in 2012. This brand prioritized the simplicity, monochrome, and distinctive style concept. Currently, Wearstatusquo products can be bought from its official website and other marketplaces like their official e-commerces. 

In 15 different dreamy and vibrant looks, the brand uses a minimalist, but fashionable style that can be bought in the market from 18th March. In its 10th year, the brand is more aware of fashion trends and enhanced its clothing quality. Here are what you want to know about the newest collection.

Courtesy of Wearstatusquo


Lucid Dream collection

The Lucid Dream collection is part of the Wearstatusquo birthday collection. The collection that was presented in Las Vegas showed models different from its typical collection. Previously focused on simplicity and monochrome, the Lucid Dream collection comes with colorful-colored styles and bold patterns. On the other hand, the collection keeps its model and cutting as its main feature products, the cropped tee, and bralette. 

Brand founder, Janet, explained "With a bohemian fashion style and lines with special patterns, it will add an interesting experience for my users. This birthday collection is specially designed with vibrant and eye-catching details so that it makes you look more elegant, unique, and still fashionable. This design is suitable for lovers of trendy products and young people."

In this collection, Janet admitted that she uses the funk-retro concept which is poured down to the patterns that were used. She explained that the combination of the two main patterns- "the first pattern as cool and sophisticated, while the second as fun and attractive"- can enhance a woman's portrayal of beauty. 

"In the future, Wearstatusquo is committed to continuing presenting collections which are inspirational, on-trend, and bold to complete the lifestyles and accompany you on your daily activities," said Janet.

Aside from the new collection, the company also hold a giveaway where it collaborated with several local fashion brands. They are Renoa, Morrs, Sunday Kind, True To Skin, Nara, Noir Sur Blanc, and Fayt. Keep in mind that Wearstatusquo also had a collaboration with Disney in their Disney Cinderella: Sweet Nightingale collection. In the near future, Wearstatusquo is also ready to introduce Disney fans with their "Raya and The Last Dragon" collection. 

“After going through several processes of our achievements this year, we felt the need to collaborate with various local brands in Indonesia. This not only helps us to know more about the needs of our loyal buyers but also to support the development of other local brands. We believe that collaboration is the right answer to be able to achieve success together,” Janet concluded.

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