GTS Super Sport comes with new colors and details that make it even sportier.


Motor scooter manufacturer Vespa has introduced a new model for the Indonesian market. Vespa introduces the GTS Super Sport 150 i-get ABS model, which complements the Vespa GTS line-up popular with scooter consumers.

GTS is the top series of Vespa motorcycles that have a large "Vespone" body shape with a powerful engine. This latest model combines a unique character with a classic modern design that displays an elegant yet sporty impression typical of Vespa.

History modern Vespa GT series was developed from the Vespa GS type, one of the monumental Vespa series with a history of high engine performance. On the modern Vespa GT, both the GTS and GTV have a rugged and sporty design character through their appearance and engine.

The latest Vespa GTS Super Sport 150 i-get ABS model uses the iconic Yellow Sole color. This color conveys a positive spirit and is energetic in style thanks to several details around the motorbike, such as the red color on the horn cover and the bottom of the shield. The side body with red coloring also makes its dynamic and aggressive look strong combined with black paint.


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In addition to yellow, this latest Vespa GTS also provides a Gray Materia color for people who want a modern and stylish impression. A more modern appearance comes with a combination of red and black details at several points of this Vespa GTS.

The seats are black with comfortable material. Comfort for passengers is also obtained from the ergonomic folded footrest design.

Vespa GTS Super Sport 150 i-get ABS uses dual-channel ABS technology for safety when braking. Front and rear brakes use the same disc size of 220 mm with tubeless tires measuring 120/70-12” at the front and 130/70-12 at the rear. This Vespa can be invited to travel long distances to exciting destinations without worrying about its safety during the trip.

Its size is no different from the previous model, which has a length of 1,950 mm, a width of 740 mm, a wheelbase of 1,350 mm, and a seat height of 790 mm, suitable for the size of an Asian rider. The tank can accommodate as much as 7 liters of fuel and makes it easy to travel long distances.

This Vespa uses a 155.1 cc single cylinder 4 stroke i-get technology engine with a maximum power of 14.4 hp and a maximum torque of 13.5 Nm. The cooling system uses a liquid with a CVT transmission.


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“PT Piaggio Indonesia is very excited to have completed the Vespa GTS family selection, with a large body typical of the Vespa GTS series with the presence of the Vespa GTS Super Sport 150 i-get ABS. The Vespa GTS series is the flagship Vespa series that has always been the target of adventure lovers because of its stylish driving performance," said Ayu Hapsari, PR and Communications Manager of PT Piaggio Indonesia.

"With the new series and new colors offered by the Vespa GTS Super Sport 150 i-get ABS, we want to bring a new spirit for Vespa fans with an adventurous spirit to stay strong and resilient and stay positive while preparing to return to productivity when things get better."

Introducing the latest Vespa flagship series strengthens PT Piaggio Indonesia's Premiumization Roadmap Strategy to provide a premium Italian driving experience through superior products, unique, nuanced dealers, genuine spare parts, and accessories. The Vespa GTS SuperSport 150 i-get ABS is sold for Rp 65,500,000.


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