Water is an important part of your daily intake. Knowing that, start drinking more today with these tips.


Water is an integral part of the body for many reasons. It flushes out toxins, supports kidney functions, as well as promotes healthier skin and stable body temperature. The digestive system functions better with sufficient hydration from water to prevent constipation and any other related diseases.

According to Mayo Clinic, adult men are recommended to drink 3.6 liters and women 2.7 liters daily. However, for adults toiling in the office or at home or youths working on finishing their school assignments, sometimes it is easy to forget to monitor the daily recommended intake. 

If you are one of them, and you realize how important it is to keep your hydration in check, here are some easy tips to help you drink more water today.

One glass of water before and after bed
This could be one of the simplest ways to increase water daily intake. By drinking a glass of water as a ritual to let the body know it's time to warm up and wake up or cool down before you hit the sack, you're bound to make a (healthy) habit out of it. Additionally, a glass of cold water in the morning might help boost alertness and remedy your dry mouth.

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Flavor it
We get it, water might be too "bland" for some people, and that's why people might not enjoy it. But if your problem is its blandness, then you can simply solve the matter by adding flavors you like to your water. Using a fruit-infuser water bottle is one healthy option. Popular combinations to use are cucumber-lime, lemon, and strawberry-kiwi. 

Challenge a friend
Challenging a friend could be one way to help increase water daily intake as it kicks off to a healthy competition. The act could simply be motivating. Both can also use a daily goal app to help see how they're progressing. 

Eat more foods high in water
A straightforward way to be more hydrated is to consume foods that are high in water. These include lettuce with 96 percent water, celery (95 percent), zucchini (95 percent), cabbage (92 percent), watermelon (91 percent), cantaloupe (90 percent), honeydew melon (90 percent). You can find all of them in the supermarkets, but if it's in season, then it's better for you. 

Set reminders
Setting reminders by using an app with an alarm on a smartphone or smartwatch could be useful to remind you to drink more water. For example, to follow the daily recommended water intake, setting a reminder every 30 minutes to take a sip is one of the effective ways to get that body hydrated. 

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