Bali Takes Action: New Safety Measures Rolled Out Amidst Rising Taxi Scams


In response to a surge in taxi scams targeting tourists in Bali, Indonesia’s National Tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia, has issued new guidelines to ensure the safety of travelers visiting the island paradise.

Reports of fraudulent activities, particularly through ride-hailing apps, have prompted authorities and tourism stakeholders to take proactive measures to protect visitors. Wonderful Indonesia has highlighted a concerning trend in the rise of ride-hailing scams, urging tourists to remain vigilant.

The latest guidance aims to raise awareness and prevent unsuspecting travelers from falling victim to deceptive practices while cracking down on illicit operations. Emphasizing the importance of safety, Wonderful Indonesia recommends utilizing established ride-hailing services such as Grab, GoJek, or MyBluebbird taxis, known for their reliability and security.

To further enhance safety, tourists are advised to verify essential details such as the driver’s identity, photo, and license plate before boarding. Additionally, travelers are encouraged to look for company stickers or route information displays on vehicles as indicators of legitimate services.

The recommended ride-hailing apps, including GoJek, Grab, and MyBluebird, offer comprehensive safety features within their platforms, including live location tracking and journey sharing capabilities. These tools not only ensure security but also provide a digital record of travel activities.

Choosing official pick-up points, such as airports, hotels, or recognized taxi stands, is emphasized as a crucial step in avoiding fraudulent operators. Reporting any suspicious incidents or concerns to the ride-hailing company's customer support is also encouraged to facilitate prompt action.

In light of recent crackdowns on fake taxi scams by law enforcement, tourists are urged to be cautious and familiarize themselves with identifying genuine Bluebird taxis. Key indicators include drivers wearing official Bluebird uniforms and vehicles equipped with clear meters and fares.

While acknowledging the professionalism of many local, independent taxi drivers, tourists are reminded that digitalized services offer additional safety measures. However, for those opting for local taxis, personal recommendations from trusted sources are advised.

As efforts intensify to safeguard tourists against scams, the collaboration between authorities, tourism stakeholders, and ride-hailing companies underscores a collective commitment to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for visitors to Bali.

By adhering to the new guidelines and exercising caution, travelers can navigate Bali’s transportation landscape with confidence and peace of mind.

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