BYO is the fruit of the labor of Tommy Ambiyo Tedji. The Jakarta-based brand is now successful, but its initial journey was not as smooth as its PVC materials.


BYO is a fashion accessories brand from Jakarta, Indonesia that focuses on creating wearable experimental objects. BYO explores the boundaries of materials, shapes, and concepts while being used as a means of every individual’s expression of self. The brand is created by male designer Tommy Ambiyo Tedji.

As a fashion designer, Tommy has a quite distinct profile. He is heavily influenced by fantasy and science fiction, giving his designs a sense of futuristic aesthetic. Armed with a degree in Industrial Design from the Bandung Institute of Technology, the scientific knowledge is literally utilized in a unique artistic form.

Tommy worked as a full-time visual merchandiser when he launched his first collection in 2010 called ‘Kertas' using paper material called Tyvek. He merged two of his favorite sci-fi movies as the base of inspiration, Jurassic Park and Independence Day. Unfortunately, the successful launch didn't last long as sales went downhill soon after.

Tommy refocused his approach not only on design but also in terms of business sustainability. While the fashion accessories brand’s mission is to distill the aesthetics of the future and showcase the relevant ones to the present, it tries to the purpose and functionality of the finished product.

Tommy started exploring PVC material, transformed with the play unique colors and, sometimes, a touch of interesting translucent parts. The series of motifs that form the bags collection made of illustrate his interest in combining science fiction and heritage.

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Brighter restart
The brand saw the light at the end of the tunnel as 15 pieces of BYO bags, at IDR 450,000 each, sold like hot cakes in Brightspot Market. Tommy, consequently, decided to resign and focus on his business. The sacrifice has proven to bear the sweetest fruit. Quirky impressions and soft and chewy texture make these handmade bags heavily hounded by fans of non-conventional accessories.

After winning The Most Promising Accessories Designer in Cleo Fashion Awards at Jakarta Fashion Week 2016, BYO was chosen as one of Indonesia Fashion Forward members - and incubation program by Jakarta Fashion Week that opened more doors for him.

It later won the JFW Fashion Entrepreneur Award Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 dan Good Design Indonesia 2017 by the Ministry of Trade. During Paris Fashion Week SS 2017, BYO is one of the Indonesia Fashion Forward Designers to display their products at AQ Market from September 30 to October 5, 2016.

In Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2018, Tommy brought 17 items on the prestigious catwalk. His 2019 "Fragments of Time" featured a series of reconstructed discarded objects as a part of the "Essential Jakarta" exhibition at Superstudio Milan Design Week 2019. In the same year, he also won the 2019 Asia Design Prize Winner with BYO.

Recently, in JFW 2022, Tommy Ambiyo Tedji introduces BYO Logic, marking a new journey with a sustainable approach as he tries to give new life to post-production leather waste.

"This is our next logical step towards the necessary goal of using responsible materials. As our collective concern about the future of our planet continuously evolves for the better, we adapt ourselves while being completely true to the core elements of our brand," said the designer in his release.

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