Where is the better place to find this warm, spicy, carbo-loaded treat if not Bandung?


It's hot, it's spicy, it evokes massive online debates every time people talk about the so-called original recipe. Nevertheless, seblak is not exactly a new invention. The dish has been served in Sumpiuh, Central Java, since the 1940s. But the seblak from Bandung is a little bit different. 

Bandung's seblak consists of orange crackers seasoned with aromatic ginger (kencur) and spicy sambal. A bowl usually has one or more protein, including eggs, shredded chicken, seafood, macaroni, noodles, meatballs, and sausage.

As the city where the dish is revolutionized, it stands to reason that Bandung is home to the best seblak. Three places have caught the attention of many — check them out below for more insight.

1. Seblak Sultan
Seblak Sultan is the most popular seblak in Bandung and perhaps in all West Java. The seblak it serves is said to be rich and flavorful, and people would praise how its broth is very dense and combines well with the toppings. The store has 13 or more toppings including meatballs, batagor, vegetables, fish cake, and more.

Seblak Sultan offer a huge amount of toppings at an affordable price. You can get one bowl of seblak plus one type of topping of any kind for only Rp 13,000. A bowl with five toppings will only cost Rp 15,000. If you want a bowl with all types of toppings, you will need Rp 18,000.

People are often challenged with the amount of heat they can endure as the shop allows you to choose the level of heat from 0 to 5.

They're open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Jl. Sultan Agung No.10, Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan.

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2. Seblak Syahrini
Seblak Syahrini offers a good bowl of seblak at a reasonable price. You can enjoy a bowl of their seblak startingfrom Rp 10,000. It has various toppings to choose from, including egg, batagor, siomay, cimol, meatballs, chicken feet, and more. You can also select the level spice for your seblak. Seblak Syahrini also serves spaghetti, mie tek tek, and various juices.

You can find them at Jl. Pasundan No 120, Pungkur, Kec. Regol. They're open every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. except on Tuesday.

3. Seblak Bunda
Seblak Bunda has a pretty small menu, but it does serve one of the best seblak in town regardless. You can choose between their bowl of seblak batagor, siomay, potato, tahu Sumedang (Sumedang tofu), or kikil (beef tendon).

Seblak Bunda can be found at Jl. H. Kurdi II No.4, Karasak, Kec. Astanaanyar. They're open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.




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