Do you know the difference between black, red, yellow, green, or blue heart emojis? Different-colored heart emojis apparently mean different things.


Apparently, heart emojis with their different colors have different meanings. Avoid awkward interpretations when using these fluffy-looking emojis as The S Media broke down the list of heart emoji meanings according to their colors.

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Red Heart Emoji
Best known as the most common heart-shaped emoji, the red heart is best suited to send affection and appreciation. It also refers to giving love to a partner, closest friends, and family. To a stranger, the red heart is not recommended as it might sound too intense. The red heart pairs greatly with the rose emoji or kiss emoji to send a romantic or flirty message.

Blue Heart Emoji
Blue heart emojis refer to a call-to-action sign. It is more common to be used by corporate brands as it is likely associated more with discounts, sales, or promotion. A blue heart could also be seen in a patriotic context such as the celebration of the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. 

Black Heart Emoji
Black hearts are the least common from the heart emojis as people don't normally link black color with hearts. However, black hearts could be used when passing on dark jokes or to accompany a message of grief.

Sometimes, black heart is also paired with photos purely for aesthetic purposes in writing on an Instagram caption.

Purple Heart Emoji
The purple heart is perfect to equate with a "happy birthday" or "thank you" message. It could also work as an indication of platonic love. Keep in mind that veteran families or older generations familiarize the heart to the military.

In the military, purple hearts are symbols to honor the wounded or killed in combat soldiers. However, the younger generation now often associates the heart with songs. 

White Heart Emoji
Like the color white, white hearts symbolizes peace. Just like the black heart emoji, white hearts are often used simply for aesthetic purposes.

In fact, white hearts are frequently used with black hearts.

Yellow Heart Emoji
Yellow hearts are used in a message as a way to brighten someone's day. The color that is associated with the sun is commonly paired up with the sunflower emoji. It brings out the warmth of friendship vibe.

The yellow emoji is best suited if someone is trying to make someone else smile without coming off too strong. 

Green Heart Emoji
The green heart symbolizes gratitude. The color that is linked to the color of nature is best used with anything related to the environment, such as plant lovers. 

Pink Heart Emoji
There are a handful of pink heart emojis to choose from, including double pink hearts, orbiting pink hearts, a sparkling pink heart, and the pink heart growing in size, among others.

Each one is open to any interpretation but all are generally conveyed as a means of love. It is great to send the pink-colored emoji on a message of affection.

Orange Heart Emoji
The orange heart is the newest addition of all hearts in the keyboard. Initially, the orange heart was made simply to complete the colors of rainbows.

However, similar to the yellow heart, this emoji is recommended to use for friends.

It is also worth noting that regardless of the color hearts chosen, users are always allowed to make an open interpretation.

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