Dapur Cokelat's Ahmad Dahlan outlet redefines sweet indulgence with a modern makeover, tempting promos, and expansion plans


In a delectable blend of history and modernity, Dapur Cokelat has proudly announced the grand reopening of its iconic Ahmad Dahlan outlet on November 28, 2023. Nestled in the heart of Jakarta, this particular chocolate haven has not only withstood the test of time but has also undergone a stunning transformation, promising chocolate enthusiasts an even sweeter experience.

Dapur Cokelat Ahmad Dahlan

A Decades-Old Legacy

The Ahmad Dahlan outlet holds a special place in the hearts of Chocolaters (as Dapur Cokelat affectionately calls its customers) as the inaugural establishment that opened its doors in 2001. For over two decades, it has been a go-to destination for those seeking the finest in chocolate delights.

A Symphony of Comfort and Elegance

What sets this reopening apart is not just a fresh coat of paint but a meticulous redesign, creating a cozier ambiance that strikes a balance between modern elegance and the warmth of a welcoming kitchen. Silvano Christian, CEO of Dapur Cokelat, expressed that the revamp isn't just about aesthetics but also about adapting to the evolving times.

Silvano Christian, CEO of Dapur Cokelat
Silvano Christian, CEO of Dapur Cokelat


Bridging Tradition with Innovation

The new design concept maintains the core identity of Dapur Cokelat, with 'dapur' or kitchen remaining at the heart of the experience. The minimalist and futuristic aesthetic aims to provide customers with a contemporary yet comforting setting to indulge in their chocolate cravings.

From Kitchen to Marketplace: A Growth Journey

The Ahmad Dahlan outlet's rejuvenation isn't just a standalone event; it reflects the broader growth trajectory of Dapur Cokelat. Following its integration into the Tjufoo ecosystem, a house of brands known for inclusivity, the chocolate giant is poised for continued success.

TJ Tham, Co-Founder & CEO of Tjufoo, sees this as more than a physical facelift. It's a statement of commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring that Dapur Cokelat remains a chocolate destination that evolves with the times.

But the sweetness doesn't stop there. Dapur Cokelat has its eyes set on expansion, with plans to introduce a new store in Kota Gresik, East Java, promising to spread the joy of their delectable creations to even more chocolate enthusiasts.

In a world where tastes evolve, Dapur Cokelat's Ahmad Dahlan outlet stands not just as a chocolate haven but as a living testament to a brand that grows, adapts, and continues to captivate the hearts and taste buds of chocolate lovers across Indonesia.

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