The Swallow x Aerostreet sneakers were sold-out fast upon their release. However, this is not the first time to happen in collaboration involving the iconic flip-flop sandal brand.


Two of Indonesia’s renowned local brands, Swallow and Aerostreet, collaborated to release unique-looking sneakers. The Swallow x Aerostreet sneakers were launched on February 22, 2022, and didn’t take long for the product to be sold-out after its initial release and announcement on social media. 

The fact is the sneakers which cost Rp129.000 a pair were highly sought-after by people, especially on social media. Upon the shoe release, people were seen rushing to Swallow’s and Aerostreet’s Instagram page or marketplace accounts to order a pair.

Many had been left disappointed after finding that the shoes, which were produced limited to only 5,000 pairs, were already sold out in hours. Even in the Aerostreet official marketplace, the shoes seemed to be no longer available. 

The Swallow x Aerostreet sneakers seemed to have their appeal to the customers, with their four options of colors, namely red, blue, green, and black. As seen on Aerostreet's Instagram post, the shoes offered a simplicity to its look, with white coming as its primary color and the four optional colors coming as the side pattern for each shoe.  

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With a very affordable price and a catchy design, no wonder the shoes managed to seize people's attention and get them into the hype of buying them. 

Swallow’s previous collaboration
The Swallow and Aerostreet collaboration managed to spark the hype around people. It was not the first time such hype has occurred to items in collaboration with the iconic flip-flop brand. 

In 2019, Swallow had their collaboration with Good Dept, releasing flip-flops, locally known as 'sandal jepit', entitled ‘Swallowhite’. The ‘Swallowhite’ came in a parodical theme that attract many customers to buy it, with a design resembling the Off-White products with words ‘Sandal’ and ‘Jepit’ written on each side of the sandals. 

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The ‘Swallowhite’, which was priced around Rp 79,000, also prompted more than 100 people to queue to buy the shoes upon its launching. Even more surprising, many resellers managed to sell Swallow x Good Dept collaboration sandals for up to Rp500,000. 

Local prestige
There is a particular reason why people are very into the Swallow collaboration items. Mainly, it is because the flip-flop brand has established its close connection with the daily life of Indonesian people.  

Swallow flip-flops, which have been produced since 1987 by Jakarta-based manufacturer PT Sinar Jaya Perkasa, are considered to have become the mainstay of most Indonesians, both in big cities and remote villages, for everyday use. 

The flip-flop is also known for its friendly price, with a selling price of around Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 in traditional markets as well as convenience stores. “The [Swallow] brand has been well-known to almost all of the people in Indonesia with [the products] having been distributed to almost all of the traditional and modern markets,” said PT Sinar Jaya Perkasa on its website.

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With its recently released sneakers with Aerostreet, Swallow seemed to have found another perfect match for its next collaboration project.

Aerostreet has a reputation as one of the growing local shoe brands from Klaten, Central Java. Having been around since 2015, Aerostreet has succeeded in building its market, with the brand currently gaining 1.8 million followers on social media.

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