Although these ingredients don't seem to represent beauty, they are wildly beneficial to your skin.


It is said that “beauty is pain,” but nowadays, we can also say that “beauty is weird.” Some skincare ingredients might seem wacky to try or unusual, but some have become a must-have or must-try. Although these ingredients don't seem to represent beauty, they are wildly beneficial to your skin.

Bee venom

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Aside from its benefit for teeth grinding pain, bee venom can plump your lips and skin-firming moisturizers. We may imagine that it will sting as this is a ‘venom’. Surprisingly, it's completely sting- and agony-free! The accompanying rush of blood stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Chicken bones

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It’s unpredictable if your skin turns out like chicken bones. Marrows in chicken bones contain oil that has beneficial acids and anti-inflammatory to strengthen the skin barrier and keep it moist. It usually can be found at face creams and moisturizers.

Snail Mucus

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Slime is not always grimy, especially for slime snails. Contained a protein-rich, antioxidant-filled secretion that shields their little bodies and is chock-full of elastin and glycolic acid. It is clinically effective to reduce the effects of photoaging, smooth out scars, and stimulate collagen.

Dragon’s Blood

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It’s just for a fantasy's name. Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin gained from another type of several distinct plant genera, and its medicinal adoption has been well recorded long ago. Also named sangre de grado in Spanish, it was used internally and externally to avoid bleeding, aid heal wounds, and recover intestinal problems. Currently, it is used in skincare products to calm inflammation, reduce redness and irritation and protect against external stressors.


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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is one of the two primary components of dynamite. However, the food-grade version makes for a safe, natural additive to skin products. The substance’s inherent absorbency allows it to attract oil and trap bacteria when added to face masks, and its gentle granular quality makes it a desirable component of facial scrubs and cleansers.

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