Introduced for the first time at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021.


The Cannes Yachting Festival is a place to showcase the latest products in the world of shipping. One of them is the Italian shipbuilder, Sanlorenzo who introduced several models in the world premiere.

One of them is the SL90A which is an asymmetric entry-level model. This 27.6-meter long vessel joins the line of other asymmetrical ships from Sanlorenzo that previously appeared, such as the SL102A, SL96A, in December 2020.

The exterior design was created by architect Bernardo Zuccon and was inspired by the ideas of automotive designer Chris Bangle. This line of ships started from the SL102 model and is now available in the SL90A and SL120A.

"This extension of the asymmetric range is today also a further affirmation of credibility not only from a design point of view, but also from a commercial point of view, demonstrating how research into lifestyle concepts is as topical asever and able to positively influence the rationale of the market," said Zuccon.


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The ship's main entertainment and sports halls are extensive. They feature large, sea-facing windows with the ship's owner's room positioned at the front of the main deck—four cabins on the lower deck complete accommodation for guests.

There is direct access to the ship owner's cabin to the private area at the rear. It is linked by an integrated flybridge and sundeck on an area of ​​6.5 meters superstructure.

This ship uses twin MAN V12 diesel engines. This allows the vessel to reach a top speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots.

As a model at the entry-level, the SL90A can describe challenges from a designer's point of view to create small vessels that can provide maximum functionality and carry the characteristic asymmetrical model with a size of under 30 meters.



In addition to introducing the entry-level model, Sanlorenzo also shows the top model of its asymmetrical line, the SL120A. The 36.92-meter long ship demonstrates the quality and ability of Sanlorenzo's craftsmen to build vessels that maximize space and shape them to your liking, ensuring a better onboard experience.

This asymmetrical concept affects the placement of space on the inside and improves communication with the outside area. In this model, the Sanlorenzo applies an asymmetrical configuration to the main chamber and extends the cockpit area to the centre of the ship.

Designers were able to expand the area of ​​8 sqm by removing the right side deck and maximizing the connection with the sea by creating a wide glass dining area with the living room on the other side. Thanks to the sliding walls and the retractable terrace, the sides that open onto the balcony make it possible to fully utilize the internal space of the adjacent front zone, the location of the owner's cabin extending for the entire width of the hull.

The new asymmetrical layout is also possible thanks to the unique design of the side decks, which are now placed only on the port side of the main deck. It flanked the living room as far as the midpoint of the ship, then led to the flyover and down to the outer waiting area at the bow via the stairs.


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Another fundamental design feature of the SL120 Asymmetric is the outdoor arrangement. The outdoor lounge in the bow, for example, extends across two decks connected by stairs, with direct access from the owner's cabin. This is a 15 square meter space designed for a variety of different uses.

While the front deck is fully equipped as a large sunbathing area, the upper deck has a table for outdoor dining, which can also be converted as a sundeck. Furthermore, the C-shaped sofa facing the deck can be replaced with a Jacuzzi.

Full connection to the sea and outdoor habitability reaches its peak in the aft zone of the lower deck. Thanks to the folding terrace, the garage can be converted into a 45 sqm beach club, offering guests excellent access to the sea.

Like the SL90A, the SL120A was designed by Chris Bangle in collaboration with ship designer Berardo Zuccon of the Zuccon International Project. This ship can be seen at the Cannes Yachting Festival for the first time.


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