Menimize builds 3D technology innovation to create custom action figures.


Maybe some of you are in love with collecting action figures, 3D miniatures of our childhood superheroes like Captain Marvel. You are not alone. Perhaps, our dad also likes to as it has been loved with people who lived in the mid-1980s. No wonder they even have a community with the same hobby in collecting these fun toys, and its members are very varied. 

Now they are getting demanding. Not only hunting and collecting, but they also hunt figures in 3D form. Answering these needs, Johanes Salikin and Irene Nadya go with 3D technology innovation to create custom action figures. They name it Menimize. Like Irene Nadya, the Chief Marketing Officer of Menimize said, they catch an opportunity to innovate, creating a customized figure among its communities. 

Photo courtesy of Menimize


Not only targeting action figure lovers, but Menimize also targets millennial families that want to make family figures. They can capture precious moments in the 3D figures form. "For example,  a mother who is pregnant. Each moment of her pregnancy can be captured, such as when she is 3 months, 7 months, and so on," Johanes Salikin, Chief Executive Officer of Menimize continued. 

Customers can directly come to Menimize studio at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, take pictures, and print them in 3D forms. Taking pictures only takes about 3 seconds, while the whole process to produce the figures takes 7 working days. "For customers who don't have time to come to the studio, they can make a figure by sending a photo. We recommend that you send the photo from various angles," said Irene. Menimize also introduces The Menimizer, the first portable 3D camera in Asia, and proudly developed by Indonesian under the Menimize engineer team. 

Photo courtesy of Menimize


"The Menimizer allows us to create 3D modeling in simple, fast, and accurate ways. We developed The Menimizer with a compact design, so it can be installed in a 3x3 meters room. I hope it meets all customers' needs, such as documentation, making 3D digital assets until 3D figures," said Irene. 

The Menimizer consists of 17 poles with a total of 119 cameras embedded at all poles. The Menimizer can take objects thoroughly with high definition quality in just 3 seconds. To accommodate customer requests, Menimize also provides digital file services and rental at the store. The Menimizer's results are not limited to figures. It is also in 3D digital assets form, which can be processed into 3D models and animations. For figures, Menimize provides three variants that can be chosen: Bust (half body/up to the chest), Whole Body, and Toon (caricature) with a selection of sizes and scales depending on the customers’ needs. 

Photo courtesy of Menimize


Menimize is able to convert 2D into 3D more than anything else, meaning you can convert 2D print photo files to be 3D figures. "We hope with these series of products, innovation, and technology that are offered by Menimize and The Menimizer, we can answer all customers' needs, from 3D assets, figure customization, and so on. We also hope to be a part of customers' lives to capture their precious moments,'' Johanes Salikin said. 

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