Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl was seen high up on New York's Times Square billboard as part of Spotify's "EQUAL" campaign.


Indonesian rapper, singer, and music producer Putri Estiani, best known as her alias Ramengvrl, was seen on the billboard right in the middle of the busy commercial intersection that is New York's Times Square as part of Spotify's ad campaign.

Seeing her face on Times Square and work recognized by many, Ramengvrl has posted her excitement on Instagram, saying it was one of her craziest dreams and jokingly wrote: "im not a failure to the family".

Ramengvrl is one of the women artists and creatives included in Spotify's "EQUAL" ad campaign for February. 

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EQUAL and other programs by Spotify
Spotify launched the program in honor of International Women's Day to highlight women artists in the platform and as an effort towards equity for women in the music industry. In doing so, the program features the work of female artists, from playlists to the artist's related music programs broadcasted in 35 different markets, which span over more than 50 countries. 

Spotify has prepared several new programs for EQUAL, from a dedicated space for women artists "EQUAL Hub", new music and talk show program "WOMN" set to release on March 8, and the "EQUAL Board", which aims to provide a one-time grant for 15 organizations around the world to make the music industry much equitable for women artists.

Spotify's vice president and global co-head of music, Marian Dicus, said that the EQUAL Board would put women at center stage. 

"Each quarter, the EQUAL board will have a different focus, allowing the group to really dive into a topic and work together on tangible ways to make the audio industry more equitable for women," Dicus said.

While this is not the first time for the Swedish streaming and media services provider to promote women within the music industry, this is the first time the platform brings all-female artists under one umbrella or initiative.

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Ramengvrl and Indonesia's hip-hop scene
As for Ramengvrl, she is quite a phenomenon in both the local and international hip-hop scene. The 29-year-old artist who reached international success is one of the top five hip-hop artists in Indonesia and one of the most prominent female artists in the male-dominated hip-hop environment.

Speaking to GAUCHOWORLD, Ramengvrl describes her music as "loud, unapologetic and vulgar". She uses her work as a platform to challenge existing conservative stereotypes surrounding womanhood and gender dynamics, which is evident from her music and overall rap career.

Ramengvrl is relatively one of the new folks, compared to Rich Brian and his viral debut "Dat $tick" in 2016. She first rose to prominence around four years ago with her hit release "I'm da man", and her 2019 album "no bethany" further strengthened her name as one of the big names in Indonesia's hip-hop scene. 

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