Looking to find icy treats to survive the Asian tropics? Try out these different kinds of shaved ice cream to cool you down.


On a hot summer day, shaved ice is one of the things that come to one’s mind. The cool, sweet, and refreshing dessert is for sure the best remedy for such weather. Luckily, Asian countries, including Indonesia, offer a variety of shaved ice, which you might want to try to satisfy your cravings.

Without further ado, here are the different types of shaved ice that you can find in Asia.

Es Teler

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Es Teler is a traditional dessert from Central Java, Indonesia. It was first created by Hj. Samijem Darmo Putro in 1957 in Sukoharjo. However, it was years later in 1967 that his son, Tukiman Darmowijono, began selling it.

The iconic Indonesian dessert is typically served with an assortment of fruits like avocado, coconut, and jackfruit, as well as additional toppings such as grass jelly or jellies. It's topped with sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk.


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One of the most popular shaved ice came from Korea, called Patbingsu. It is one of the most favorable desserts in Korea on a hot summer day. The ice used is made out of milk, shaved to shape a tall mountain with different toppings on top and around it.

There are different types of Patbingsu that you can try, some of the most popular ones are the traditional injeolmi bingsu, which are usually served with rice cakes (tteok), injeolmi powder, and red bean. The mango patbingsu is also a go-to dessert as it comes with delicious, sweet mangoes topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream. A chocolate patbingsu with Oreos and chocolate crumbs is also available, as is a green tea patbingsu with green tea soft serve ice cream and red bean.

Halo Halo

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Halo-Halo comes from the Philippines and means 'mix-mix' in Tagalog. The dessert lives up to its name as it provides different varieties of toppings that you mix all together before eating it.

It is typically served with shaved ice, evaporated or coconut milk, and various ingredients. Sweet potato ice cream, coconut, assorted nuts, jackfruit, corn, grass jelly, and various fruits are the most common ingredients in a Halo-Halo.


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Kakigori originates from Japan, and it is said to have been around since the Heian period approximately around the 11th century. Back then, kakigori was served with sweet water made from hydrangea and ivy.

The most popular syrups are strawberry, cherry, lemon, green tea, grape, melon, sweet plum. Evaporated or condensed milk is also added to sweeten the ice. Kakigori is best consumed during the summer and can be bought in small stalls or at festivals.

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