Maybelline's new plastic packaging will be made from 100 percent recycled plastic to help slow down climate change.


Maybelline New York, the world's biggest cosmetics brand, presents its sustainability program, Conscious Together. It seeks to build a more ethical business strategy by reforming its processes, innovations, and culture to minimize its environmental effect.

Trisha Ayyagari, Global Brand President of Maybelline New York, remarked: "All of us at Maybelline want to make progress and inspire the industry to make progress."

"We looked at the key areas where Maybelline could make a positive environmental impact and set ambitious goals that will guide our actions until 2030. We recognize that there is still so much to do, and we are committed to concrete actions that will help us accelerate our sustainable transformation," she explained further.

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Maybelline's Conscious Together campaign consists of a lofty set of objectives that it hopes to attain by 2030:

  • Conscious Packaging — Maybelline's plastic container will be made entirely of recycled plastic.
  • Conscious Disposal — Maybelline will contribute to developing make-up recycling technology in collaboration with global sustainability agency South Pole.
  • Conscious Production — By 2025, the company hopes to achieve carbon neutrality in all of its locations by improving energy efficiency and utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. They plan to cut carbon emissions from their entire product lifecycle by half by 2030.
  • Conscious Formula — The majority of the ingredients will be bio-based, either from plentiful minerals or through circular processes.
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Key actions
Furthermore, the brand has already initiated some significant steps in achieving its objectives. Since 2018, Maybelline has substituted 600 tons of virgin plastic with recycled plastic in its packaging.

In terms of disposal, the business launched in-store make-up take-back programs in various countries to help reduce make-up from ending up in landfills. Consumers can bring back any goods from any label to be recycled through these initiatives, allowing packaging to find a new life beyond its first usage.

On the production side, 73 percent of Maybelline-owned manufacturing sites are already carbon neutral. In terms of formulas, the firm has announced the debut of its first high-performance make-up collection dedicated to making the world a better place, the Maybelline Green Edition line.

Each product in the Green Edition make-up line has at least 70 percent organic elements, as well as clean and vegan compositions.

It is the first make-up line to be approved by the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products program, one of the world's most advanced metrics of product sustainability, assessing products for social and environmental performance across all phases of product design and production.

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