Launching of solo exhibition: ‘Reflection in Period’ by Iwan Suastika.


Iwan Suastika, young and one of Indonesia’s most promising talents from Yogyakarta, launched his solo exhibition titled ‘Reflection in Period’. Mixture the present and imagination, Iwan Suastika displays identity, dreams, and how his canvas acts as an artistic mirror reflection of all existence. 

In this series, Iwan delivers form to the complex and weighted sense of being while giving a lens into observing new experiences. This exhibition shows how the artist’s artwork acts as a springboard into new experiences and a bridge for introspective reflection.


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Viewers will also experience the vibrance and uniqueness in each of Iwan’s artwork in this exhibition. The artist admits that he puts his personal attachments into each of his paintings, expressing various emotions and experiences. Iwan incorporates idioms, symbols, and metaphors into his paintings — important devices for him to channel the uncanny around the characters in his works.

In 'Reflection in Period', Iwan's works aim to describe his current and possible milestones in the future. The exhibition will be held on July 25 – August 8, 2021 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is open to the public.


About Iwan Suatika and his introduction with art

When Iwan was a little kid, he drew a lot. He always imagined that the wall in his parents’ house was an infinite space that he could explore with crayons, pencils, ink, or markers at any time. He drew everything until his parents often called his drawings weird creatures. But he loved it.

Getting into the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta changed everything in Iwan’s life. It changed his perspective and the way he saw the world. Felt like he was born again. He learned many things about art, technique, responsibility, and even life. 


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He said that he really liked the atmosphere on campus, friends, and the very competitive yet supportive environment. Thus he chose Visual Communication Design as a major. During college, he worked part-time as a designer, participated in several design competitions, and won several awards. He kept making art, whatever it is.


Vibrant with vivid colors and fantastical beasts in surreal landscapes

Iwan calls his reflection a 'Master of the Universe'. The 'imagery' that he uses is putting many colors. Colors represent the world and the universe. When he mixes colors to create a painting, it’s kind of blending differences into something harmonious. Every color matters, but sometimes, he paints monochromic, depending on his own mood. 













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