How to maximize their capacities to become successful entrepreneurs?


No one is the same. We all are unique with differences in family backgrounds and personal experiences with whom we make friends, which drive us to create our own way to think, feel, and act. 

Generally, we are divided into two types of personalities: introvert or extrovert. It's easy to know whether you are an introvert or extrovert. If you'd rather spend a Friday night relaxing in your apartment by yourself rather than attend a big party with a bunch of people, then you call yourself an introvert. 

Both introverts and extroverts are successful, and no one has become successful by being a pure introvert or a pure extrovert. However, Entrepreneurs write the piece to dig more into how both personalities if they become entrepreneurs and how to maximize their capacities to become successful entrepreneurs.

When introverts become entrepreneurs

Most of the successful entrepreneurs across the world today are introverts. That’s because introversion yields a number of distinct benefits. Introverts typically listen more than they speak, which is great for gathering feedback and understanding customers.

Moreover, entrepreneurs on the introverted side of the personality spectrum tend to be more independent and comfortable working alone, which is usually necessary for the early days of building a business.


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But there are also plenty of negatives associated with introversion in entrepreneurial pursuits. Introverts typically have much smaller personal and professional networks, which limit opportunities. Additionally, introverts have a harder time putting themselves out there, which is necessary when launching a business and growing a brand.

Strategic attitude to become an extrovert entrepreneur

Choose the right type of business

Begin by selecting the right kind of business or industry to get into. Don’t start a business that requires you to go out and speak to big audiences daily. You want a business venture that allows you to be creative and independent.

Make complementary hires

You can only go so far as an introvert on your own. That’s why it’s important to make complementary hires to offset your own weaknesses. In all likelihood, this means you’ll hire extroverts and people with big personalities and people skills.

When extroverts become entrepreneurs

Extroverts bring a lot of strengths to the table as entrepreneurs. They often have a magnetic charisma, and investors, clients and business partners gravitate towards people they like and trust.

Extroverts have an easy time building these relationships, which ultimately benefit the bottom line. By and large, extroverts find it easier to experience positive emotions. This can be helpful when a startup is experiencing the bumps and bruises of early-stage growth.

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Extroverts also face some unique challenges with entrepreneurship. Extroverts can be easily distracted. Like puppies, they see something they like, and they go after it. Then before they get there, they’re intrigued by something totally different, so they get up and chase after that thing.

This creates a pendulum effect, where nothing gets done efficiently or effectively. Shallow insights are another potential pitfall. Because extroverts tend to speak and do more than they listen, they have a harder time understanding their audience. 

Strategic attitude to become an extrovert entrepreneur

Wait before saying “yes”

Even though your natural inclination is to go, go, go, it’s imperative that you don’t immediately commit to every opportunity that comes across your desk. The best thing you can do is wait before saying yes.     

Hire analytical people

Because you’re a big-picture kind of person who likes to be hands-on and interactive, you probably don’t pay enough attention to the details. This is why it’s helpful to hire people who are more analytical and detail-oriented.          


Let other people lead meetings

As a business owner or startup founder, you’re the one calling the shots — and you should be! But it’s not always healthy for an extrovert to constantly talk, preach, and lead without stepping back and observing what’s happening around them. One way you can be more observant is to let other people lead important meetings.  

In the end, we don’t need to change our personalities to become the most successful entrepreneur. Both introverts and extroverts are completing each other to make good investments in their fields. The key is to play the hand you’re dealt so that you can thrive as an entrepreneur in an unpredictable environment.


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