As future leaders, it's time to prevent workplace bullies from thriving.


Goodbye, playground bully! See you never, high-school mean girls! Hello, workplace bully. Who would have thought that the cycle never ends? 

Once upon a lifetime, you may feel discouraged or intimidated by your friend or family members. That is already the simplest act of bullying. Nowadays, bullying can be done through the screen or at the workplace, and some types of employees are just the target. 

With the Great Awakening and talents just keep on searching for new better companies, it could cost you your energy and time if you don't do something to keep your employees. 

Keeping your employees can mean simply preventing bullies from coming in or thriving at your company. There are several ways to do that and make your employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. Here are four ways to start making the change

Enact a zero-tolerance policy
A zero-tolerance policy is rising in popularity among companies. However, the policy can be misleading and counterproductive if not properly defined. For that reason, as leaders in the workplace, you must share it consistently and be specific on what it covers. 

The policy may include the typical no weapons, no drugs, or alcohol at work, as well as no pornographic materials in the workplace. On the other hand, when it comes to bullying, the particular policy could outline and focus on the use of sexist, racist, and homophobic language. Additionally, threatening or intimidating others should be considered serious. While for you as the ambassadors of the company, ensure that you have a stance outside the workplace which includes being careful on what you post on social media channels. 

Dismantle performance review process
Consider dismantling the performance review system. Give each individual a chance to submit their company feedback. The anonymous feedback should later be given and delivered by a company's third party such as an examiner coach. A little tip is bullies who are typically good at managing up will provide a holistic view of their leadership.

Address conflicts of interest
Upon reviewing the process, managers or leaders of the boards can be put on leave absence to prevent any injustice or worse bullying from a superior to subordinates. This is another reason why using a third party is useful. 

During the assessment process, if a manager finds out about what their subordinates complaint about them, it might lead to the decline of pay increase, promotion, access to leadership, and some other forms of retaliation like being excluded from meetings. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that conflict is addressed properly to the managers put on leave absence. 

Consider exit interviews
Treat your exit interviews like customer reviews, which are usually taken into account immediately. Most of the time, employees are often the company's forgotten customers. Later, feedback is often not properly documented. As a further result, it is harder to spot a bully post-resignment of an employee. 

What you can do is to share exit interview themes frequently with leaders of the boards. Hold leaders accountable for their misconduct or negligence towards bullying in the workplace. 

In this way, you will be able to start stopping workplace bullies from thriving. As a leader in the great awakening, get your job done by attaining good employees and making sure that they are comfortable at your workplace. Start protecting them because without them, let's not forget that there could be no company.

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