Heron Preston for Calvin Klein embodies these ideals in a new collection defined by understated yet obsessive detail.


Heron Preston is one of the most influential creatives working today. Since he began, Preston has been producing a body of work that cuts its own path from reimagining, redesigning, and repurposing uniforms and utility elements working alongside NASA and DSNY to inventing new practices in sustainability and materials with three Rs: revolutionary, relatable, and relevant. 

Heron Preston for Calvin Klein

Through a shared vision, Heron Preston and Calvin Klein created a collection for real people. Preston came in as a creative consultant, first examining what he considered the brand’s most necessary and iconic pieces: the underwear, the white shirt, which remains firmly within the guardrails of what is essential. 

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

Preston’s storytelling around essentials focuses on the pursuit of simplicity, revisiting styles and obsessing over details, always incorporating something new. It celebrates the raw and youthful spirit at the core of Calvin Klein’s brand identity and globally recognized aesthetic. 

The campaign takes an organic approach and features a diverse cast from Preston’s close circle and people who inspire him. From icons such as Nas and Stevie Williams to newcomers Jordan Alexander and Sabrina Fuentes, Calvin Klein continues its tradition of both seeking out emerging talent and fresh faces, to showcasing legendary figures.

Heron Preston and Sabrina Albarello 

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Heron and Sabrina are a real-life couple. Sabrina is also a vital design team member at Heron Preston working on womenswear and the ultimate inspiration. 

Ashley Graham

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History-defying supermodel and entrepreneur who has reshaped the fashion industry, broken barriers, and redefined a new, more inclusive beauty standard.

Jordan Alexander

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Jordan is a charismatic, up-and-coming Canadian singer-actress who is also one of the lead characters in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl continuation series.

Lil Uzi Vert

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Lil Uzi is one of the most popular rappers in the world today. He is a true icon of our time and has been part of Preston’s world long before we even got to hear him. 


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Nas is one of the greatest rappers and MCs of all time, and a true New York icon. He rose to fame in the 90s for his groundbreaking debut album Illmatic (1994) changing music forever. 

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