This Indonesian fashion brand successfully makes its way to the biggest stage in the fashion industry.


Erigo, a well-known Indonesian fashion brand, will participate in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Show Spring/Summer 2022, which will take place in September 2021.

The brand owned by Muhammad Sadad will launch “Erigo X” especially for the occasion, which will debut on one of the biggest stages in the fashion industry.

Erigo X, according to Sadad, is a brand that showcases the current fashion trends, especially in daily, active, and formal clothing with a gender-neutral idea. The brand also features a high-fashion style that only uses environmentally friendly materials.

“It’s the first time for Erigo, because we never ever been into a fashion week, not even in Indonesia,” Sadad said.

A few months before, Sadad also posted stories about Erigo commercials that were showed on billboards at Times Square, New York, USA. Through their campaign, Erigo also noted the #StopAsianHate campaign.

The achievements he got are not easy work. It took years to get to where he is now. It all began in a little studio apartment in Depok, West Java.


It all started from an apartment

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Sadad began his fashion business in 2011 from an apartment. He began by making batik and tie fabric. At the time, he didn't go by the name Erigo. But he changed the previous name in 2013 because it was almost similar to a competitor's brand at the time.

However, batik and tie fabrics are becoming less and less popular over time. After that, Sadad, who was known to have a deep love for business since he was a kid, finally decided to produce casual products instead, such as t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. At the debut of their online store, he updated the brand identity.

It was not easy in the early days. He found that online sales were not as high as he had hoped. Offline sales were still in high demand at the time. Sadad recognized this and chose to take part in the JakCloth event in mid-2013. He also participated in all Erigo events. Every time Erigo attended an offline event, he was willing to sleep in a mall prayer room and bathe in a gas station.

Events after events, Sadad frequently had to incur losses. The cost of renting a stall, as well as the requirement to provide discounts, have become reasons why offline sales are often not as profitable.

He didn't give up, though. Erigo product sales are slowly but steadily expanding. Erigo began selling 100,000 to 120,000 pieces per year, with prices ranging from Rp130,000 to Rp375,000.

The Erigo brand became more well-known in 2015, and it has since dominated the Indonesian fashion market. It is frequently regarded as a trailblazer for young people's clothing styles. It even made a turnover of almost Rp22 billion in 2015.


Made It to NYFW

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Erigo has also succeeded to break into the world-class fashion event, NYFW 2022, after years of struggle. Erigo X will debut its first runway collection, "fashion meets function" at the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer show 2022.

Orange tiger, black beauty, lemon chrome, teal blue, raspberry, and lime green are just a few of the neon color palette aspects that will be featured in this collection. Erigo is expected to make roughly 60 appearances at the event.

At the same time, Erigo X will also debut a 16-display capsule collection that serves as a representation of the brand's newest DNA. This capsule collection is made up of timeless, youthful colors that will grow into a collection that will enhance global fashion trends.


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Erigo X also works with some Indonesian celebrities and influencers, such as Gading Marten, Luna Maya, Rachel Vennya, Enzy Storia, Febby Rastanty, Denny Sumargo, Alika Islamadina, Uus, Arief Muhammad, Ayla Dimitri, and Den Dimas, to promote Indonesian products that can compete in the worldwide market. They were shown doing photoshoots strolling around New York wearing the latest Erigo collections, as shown in the brand's social media posts.

This brand also collaborates with the Shopee e-commerce application through Shopee Live shows. The e-commerce giant backs Erigo's most recent exclusive launch and offers customers enticing promotions. It is hoped that in this way, Erigo's users and the Indonesian people would be able to support the company's international achievements.

Handhika Jahja, the director of Shopee Indonesia, expressed his delight at seeing local products on the global stage.

"We think this will be a strong track record that additional local UMKMs may follow," he said.


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