Indulge in the Ancient Wellness Tradition at Bali's AYANA Estate


AYANA Estate, the prestigious award-winning resort in Jimbaran, Bali, has recently introduced AYANA Farm, offering a range of exciting activities for its guests. In a delightful collaboration with The Jamu BAR, AYANA Farm now invites guests to immerse themselves in the world of traditional Indonesian herbal remedies through the engaging "Traditional Herbal Remedies Workshop," held twice a week. Every Tuesday and Thursday, participants have the opportunity to learn about and create "jamu," a traditional Indonesian herbal drink, using a selection of 130 plants that can be handpicked from AYANA Farm's living pharmacy. The jamu concoctions are tailored to meet each participant's specific wellness needs.

Rooted in Centuries of Tradition

Jamu, with its roots traced back to the 13th century, as evidenced by the reliefs at the Borobudur Temple in Central Java, is a wellness tradition deeply ingrained in Indonesian culture. Its fundamental role in holistic health has persisted through Dutch colonial rule and continues to thrive today, with age-old recipes passed down through the generations. For over 700 years, Indonesians have been enjoying jamu to enhance digestion, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health and vitality.

Giordano Faggioli, General Manager of AYANA Estate, shares, "Through this workshop, we invite our guests to improve their health while honoring the Indonesian health tradition, which has been preserved by Indonesian women for over seven centuries." The AYANA Farm workshops are conducted by female staff from The Jamu BAR, founded by Vanessa Kalani, the great-granddaughter of Nyonya Meneer's founder, Lau Ping Nio. Lau Ping Nio, born in 1895, established Nyonya Meneer in 1919, becoming the first company to nationally produce and distribute jamu. Today, Vanessa carries on her great-grandmother's legacy by sharing the essence of jamu through modernization, offering ready-to-drink products and workshops at AYANA Farm.

An Invigorating Workshop Experience

"We are delighted to partner with AYANA Estate, a leading destination resort in Bali," says Vanessa Kalani. "Our workshops introduce the jamu tradition to guests from around the world while preserving its heritage. During the workshop, we maximize the use of herbs and medicinal plants from AYANA Farm's living pharmacy to create basic jamu recipes and offer personalized versions tailored to each participant's wellness goals."

As the foundation of the jamu recipes featured in the workshop, guests first create "jamu empon empon" using quality ingredients. This mixture includes antioxidant-rich fresh turmeric, known for improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and aiding digestion. Ginger, with its antioxidant properties and antiviral and antibacterial qualities, is another key component. Galangal, which aids digestion, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system, is also included. Lemongrass, known for its detoxifying properties, completes this wellness concoction.

A Customizable Experience

Participants are then presented with a choice of seven recipes, which can be tailored to their individual needs. Those seeking skin rejuvenation and a fresh complexion may opt for plant ingredients like "kumis kucing" (cat's whiskers) and betel leaf. Those looking to enhance memory, focus, and visual acuity can enrich their jamu mix with gotu kola (Indian pennywort), moringa, butterfly pea flower, and celery. For active individuals, the addition of cumin leaves to the jamu mix provides benefits such as strengthening the heart, relieving muscle pain, and improving lung function. The "jamu sorga" mixture enhances intimacy between couples by increasing estrogen levels in women and masculinity in men. Guests can also explore well-known jamu varieties like "kunyit asam," made from turmeric and tamarind, as well as "beras kencur," consisting of rice powder, galangal, and spices to treat colds and coughs by warming the body.

Holistic Beauty Rituals

In addition to crafting herbal drinks, the workshop invites participants to create traditional Indonesian skincare products such as "boreh," a herbal scrub renowned for its cleansing, warming, and refreshing properties. Comprising ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, turmeric, and rice powder, boreh helps remove dead skin cells, alleviate muscle tension, and relieve joint discomfort. Another traditional product featured in the workshop is "lulur," an herbal body scrub that combines medicinal herbs and spices. Rice powder serves as the base ingredient in many lulur formulations, celebrated for its potent antioxidants and skin-brightening qualities. Betel leaf and cloves offer antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while candlenut enhances skin hydration and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A Wellness Tradition to Take Home

After the workshop, guests have the opportunity to take home the skincare products they've crafted, along with recipe books. "We hope this workshop provides our guests with a newfound sense of wellness deeply rooted in tradition and sustainability, inspiring them to continue these age-old practices at home," concludes Giordano.

The workshop is priced at IDR 800,000++ per person and is open to participants aged 13 and above.

For more information, visit ayana.com.

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