Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese's 'Ombra Lunare' Collection: A Moonlit Fashion Extravaganza


Prominent fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan has launched his latest clothing collection, "Ombra Lunare," which he describes as being inspired by the shadows of the moon.

“The word "Ombra Lunare" translates to "shadow of the moon." For me personally, the moon possesses a unique allure that is rich with human emotions, and its light can transform the surrounding environment," said the designer who’s known as Seba, speaking to ANTARA at The Langham in Jakarta on Thursday night.

This collection marks a collaboration between Seba and his wife, Cristina Panarese, who is also a designer, and the collection is presented under the SEBASTIANred brand.

The beauty and serenity of the moonlight in the night sky, whether it's crescent or full, are beautifully reflected in the 50-piece "Ombra Lunare" collection, dominated by black and gray colors. However, Seba explained that the diverse range of moonlight and its various gradations are also seamlessly blended with some bright-colored ensembles, such as yellow and turquoise.

This modern and feminine collection comprises elements that can be mixed and matched. For example, cropped jackets with palazzo pants, overall long skirts with bra tops, cropped shirts with crescent-moon-shaped sleeves that can be paired with mini skirts or high-waisted long pants.

Additional elements that complete the collection include corset dresses, mod-look mini dresses, long dresses, and tiered long skirts. The sleeve silhouettes are crafted to be romantic with bishop sleeves, while the skirt silhouettes remain consistent, slimming at the waist and gently flaring to the knee, ultimately covering the legs.

"The moonlight appears brighter in the woods, clearer in the lakes, and different in various settings, so we played with colors like black, gray, turquoise, and there's some yellow, just like the full moon's radiant glow," Seba elaborated.

The "Ombra Lunare" collection from SEBASTIANred was showcased in the ballroom of The Langham, Jakarta, as part of the Fashion Soiree event, a collaboration between The Langham, Jakarta, and IPMI (Indonesian Young Designers Association).

Founded in the year 2000, SEBASTIANred serves as a deluxe ready-to-wear label designed to cater to a wider market, offering ease of wear while maintaining the distinct detailing and craftsmanship characteristic of Sebastian Gunawan's creations.

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