Looking for the perfect gift for the Christmas season? Take a look at the latest Tesla products


When it comes to out-of-the-box products and revolutionary innovations, hardly any automotive manufacturer surpasses Tesla. It is no wonder that its products are generally astronomically priced. However, recently (and out of the blue), Tesla released the Cybersquad for $1,900 or about Rp 27 million only.

It is not a joke — Cybersquad is indeed an electric truck produced by the U.S. manufacturer. Here is the catch: The zero-emission vehicle is made specifically for children. The four-wheeled ATV has been available on the Tesla website since Thursday (2/12). Unsurprisingly, the latest information on the store page says that the new product is now sold out.

The model debuted simultaneously with the Cybertruck in 2019. At that time, many thought that the Cyberquad was a replica of the Cybertruck made as an ATV designed to be able to be placed in the Cybertruck's back. It was, of course, initially interpreted as a vehicle for adults. It turned out that Cyberquad is just an ATV for children over eight.


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One thing that stands out from Tesla's promotional video is the typeface it uses. At the end of the action-packed video, an obscure graffiti font appears on the screen. The text is barely even legible, especially around the letters Q and U. The C looks like a less-than sign. But that's Tesla, always coming to the fore in an anti-mainstream fashion.

As implied beforehand, Cybersquad, in terms of style, looks very similar to Cybertruck. It has lots of sharp corners and no curves, other than the wheels, of course, which are decidedly round. Built on a full steel frame, rear disc brakes, comfortable seats, and horizontal LED light bars both front and rear, as well as having an adjustable suspension to ensure that children have a fun-oriented ATV riding experience.


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The ATV is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and can cover 24 kilometers, and its brushless DC motor offers a top speed of no more than 16 kilometer per hour. It takes five hours to recharge the battery from zero.

Overall, the little four-wheeler is relatively light, weighing in at just 55 kilograms. It can only accommodate a maximum load of 68 kilograms. However, since the teaser video depicted an adult rider trying to ride it, it might be able to carry more weight than specified.

The ATV will begin shipping within the next two to four weeks, according to the official website. There is no information about how many units were made, but setting the upcoming holiday season aside, the fact that Cybersquad sold out so quickly infers that they didn't make very much. So far, it is unclear whether they would restock anytime soon.


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