This train is capable of going up to 600 km per hour using electric magnet technology.


Moving from one place to another is a human activity carried out for a long time. The tools used also change according to the times and technology. But the matter of speed seems to be relative.

If we often know the claims of automotive manufacturers to their products being the fastest, now they have to back off first. The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation recently introduced a production version of the maglev (magnet levitation) bullet train in Qingdao, China.

National media claims say that this fast train product can move up to 600 km per hour! That is half the speed of sound and makes the distance from Jakarta to Semarang less than an hour.


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This speed claim is debatable, but this capability makes it the fastest train in the world and the fastest land vehicle today. This bullet train moves fast thanks to electromagnetic levitation technology, making the train float less than five centimeters and driving the train along the tracks.

As a result, this fast train moves without vibration, unlike conventional trains, and allows it to reach high speeds. China has used this advanced technology for almost decades, but its use is limited to a small area.

China is known as a country with the very rapid growth of railway lines. China Railway hopes the presence of this bullet train can cut travel time, and the train could cut the travel time from Beijing to Shanghai to just two and a half hours. Comparison with planes on the same route is three hours, fast train for five hours, and a car can reach 12 hours.

Unfortunately, there is no information on when the high-speed train will be used. This train is designed to pull up to 10 passenger carriages when it is time to operate. Regarding the shape, the design shown is 100 percent complete, different from the concept form when it was first introduced in 2019.


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China Railway's claim about speed could be solved shortly. The train maker Central Japan Railway is currently testing a maglev train that can reach almost the same speed of 610 km per hour. However, this train will only be operated in 2027. This condition gave China plenty of time to perfect its bullet train products.

The Indonesian people will also feel the experience with the high-speed train after the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train is completed. Indonesia cooperates with a Chinese consortium for this development, and later, the trip between the two big cities can be reached in just 36 to 44 minutes.

This fast train will also carry 601 passengers, which will make the traveling experience more comfortable. Completion of this project continues even though the Covid pandemic is currently hitting it.


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