Harmony in Threads: Buttonscarves' Modest Fashion Exhibition Wraps Up, Leaving a Lasting Impression on Singapore's Global Fashion Scene


As the curtains close on Buttonscarves' Modest Fashion Exhibition in Singapore, the event leaves an indelible mark on the global fashion landscape. The exhibition, part of the #ButtonscarvesGoesGlobal initiative, was a celebration of Singapore's charm, showcased through the lens of the exclusive Singapore Series collection.

The exhibition's finale, held on January 22nd, 2024, was a culmination of style, culture, and collaboration. Buttonscarves invited BSLady from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, along with VIP guests, media representatives, and influencers such as Phyllis Quek and Tiani Boy. Linda Anggrea, CEO of Buttonscarves, Mohamed Hafez Marican, Area Director for Indonesia at the Singapore Tourism Board, as well as Suryo Pratomo, Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, graced the occasion, emphasizing the significance of this global venture.

Linda Anggrea expressed her enthusiasm for this inaugural step into the Singaporean market, stating, "This marks the inaugural #ButtonscarvesGoesGlobal adventure in 2024. With the collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board for the Singapore Series and the Modest Fashion Exhibition, we aspire to introduce Buttonscarves to the Singaporean market and potentially open offline stores here."

The collaboration between Buttonscarves and the Singapore Tourism Board showcased not only the brand's commitment to global expansion but also its dedication to capturing the essence of Singapore's charm. Mohamed Hafez Marican echoed this sentiment, saying, "Partnering with Buttonscarves offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase the charm and uniqueness of Singapore to a global audience."

The Modest Fashion Exhibition served as a platform to not only unveil the exclusive Singapore Series but also to encourage individuals to explore Singapore as a Muslim-friendly destination where ordinary moments are made extraordinary. Buttonscarves and the Singapore Tourism Board extend warm gratitude to all fashion enthusiasts who joined in celebrating the beauty and charm of Singapore through this captivating event.

As the exhibition concludes, the resonance of this global endeavor lingers. Buttonscarves and the Singapore Tourism Board have successfully created an unforgettable experience, leaving an enduring imprint on the hearts of visitors. The Modest Fashion Exhibition stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of fashion, culture, and the allure of Singapore, marking a promising chapter in Buttonscarves' global expansion journey.

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