Brazilian Federal Police said controversial Indonesian designer Arnold Putra is linked to packages of trafficked human organs headed to Singapore.


Arnold Putra, an Indonesian designer known for his shocking and gruesome fashion choices, has denied allegations of involvement in the trafficking of human body parts.

Previously, per a Vice World News report, police in Brazil's Amazonas state had been informed about a human hand and three packages of the human placenta sent from its capital Manaus to Singapore, which allegedly listed Arnold's name as its recipient.

In response, Arnold released a statement through his attorneys, who noted that the designer's style of choice has led to the baseless allegation.

"The whole public narrative about my background and my creative work has been built on speculation and uninformed opinions with almost no substantive background research by those who have been writing about and discussing me," said Arnold in his statement.

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He also claimed that the objects he has made over the years were never made by him and only made for his personal projects. Arnold also described that his gruesome human spine handbag was merely an artwork.

Aside from a spine and a couple of ribs, Arnold also noted that he has never possessed or used human organs to make other fashion pieces.

"Other than a spine and a couple ribs to make that handbag and one other garment, I have never used or possessed human organs to create other fashion pieces or other artworks," said the 27-year-old designer.

"It is unfortunate that the desire to encourage negative or 'controversial' perceptions of my artwork is steering opinions of an audience who really should be free to make up their own minds and not just coaxed on to condemn the artist."

Arnold also denied reports that he obtained the organs and bones from indigenous communities. He noted that he received the materials from a legal Canadian medical supply store.

According to his fiancée Ariel Brasali, who posted on Instagram, Arnold is in Singapore in February. However, Arnold did not provide details regarding his trip other than that he was celebrating the Lunar New Year.

A spokesperson for the Indonesia National Police, Dedi Prasetyo, noted that they did not receive a confirmation regarding the packages of human remains from the Brazilian Federal Police.

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"As a proactive move, the Interpol office in Jakarta will ask for information from Interpol in Brazil regarding that info," said Prasetyo.

Before this controversy erupted, Arnold was criticized in Indonesia for wearing an outfit that resembled the clothes of a right-wing paramilitary group known as the Pemuda Pancasila (Pancasila Youth) during Paris Haute Couture Week in January.

While rocking the controversial outfit, Arnold hung out with various celebrities, including rapper Kanye West and fashion designer Michèle Lamy.

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