A quality vacation with your family or friends does not necessarily need you to travel overseas. Here are the best agrotourism destinations in Bandung.


Not only being able to enjoy the beautiful lush green sceneries, in Bandung's agrotourism destinations, you are also able to participate in various agricultural activities if you wish to. 

Bandung is known for its chilly weather - not too cold, but it can be cold enough sometimes. Bandung city has the magnetic ability to attract visitors locally and internationally. Since early July 2020, agrotourism activities in Bandung have been gradually opened as the city recovered from the lost time and economy from the pandemic. 

Following the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols, West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, Bandung's tourist attraction was opened as an outdoor concept. The tourism and culture sectors are obligated to follow health protocols, which also include the agrotourism employees. 

The city reopens all of its tourist destinations, and here are some of the best local and recommended agrotourism destinations you have to visit.

Cihideung Flower Garden

As its name suggests, upon visiting the Cihideung Flower Garden, you will see the fascinating, various colors and types of flowers. The flower garden also sells a collection of assorted fruit seeds. Located in Cihideng Village, Lembang, the location is considered easy to find. The area was founded by the Minister of Information in 1997. 

The 50-hectare area provides not only the photogenic view but also the flowers that you can buy to put at your house as decoration. Additionally, the four-wheel drivers can be worry-free as there are many available parking lots. 

Vin’s Berry Park

Vin's Berry Park is a place where you can farm plants of your choice. This site is located at Kolonel Masturi Street. It is one of the tourist destinations where you can learn to farm, especially strawberries. As a result, this location is often used as a study tour destination. 

Sukawana Lembang Tea Plantation

Another Lembang tourist destination aside from "Tangkuban Perahu" is Sukawana Lembang Tea Plantation. Located in Lembang and 30 kilometers away from the central city, the tea plantation is mostly owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII. 

This place is often used by the locals, especially teenagers for outdoor activities. Not only that, on this site, you can also learn anything about tea, like the process of harvesting the leaves and how to process it until it is ready to serve. The name "Sukawana" is a calling on behalf of all of the locals who diligently took care of the pine trees in the area. 

Happy Farm Ciwidey

Happy Farm Ciwidey is a location that purposely built for a family education tour destination. On the 3-hectare land, there are various attractions such as the rabbit zoo, petting zoo, candy house, and many others. Family and friends can gather here to do interesting outdoor activities. 

With the colorful flowers in its garden area, you can do other activities like feeding the sheep. This destination enables you to breathe the fresh air and see the greens of the area.

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