After being previously premiered in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2022, bateeq now officially launches the Miwiti collection for its fans.


bateeq introduces its newest collection, Miwiti. As its name means 'to start', Miwiti is an invitation to start and rebuild our path with all the new challenges that exist today.

"This collection was born as a result of bateeq's reflection on the uncertain situation of the past two years. Responding to the atmosphere around us during the pandemic, where the boundaries between home as a private space and social space are increasingly blurred," the brand wrote in its release.

"People spend more time at home, that's where they value their health more and get closer to their surroundings," explained Ayu Galuh Nurita, one of bateeq designers behind the Miwiti collection, at a press conference at Jakarta Fashion Week 2022.

This situation then influenced Bateeq's approach in preparing his new collection. After previously premiering in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2022 event, now you can get it directly at bateeq online and offline stores starting February 24.

New era adaptation
Adapting the Semen Ageng batik motif, the Miwiti collection presents its newest motif named Gauri. The philosophy of Semen Ageng's batik motif, which depicts a leader with good character and virtuous, steadfastness, and fairness in facing all obstacles, nurturing, and protecting his people and the environment, is adapted into a more modern take.

Consisting of various natural elements and a combination of small rice motifs, the selection of these patterns depicts balance in life. However, not all sides are made full of batik patterns. This fashion brand combines plain fabrics with a touch of batik on certain sides. Like the sleeves, pockets, to the pieces of fabric that are made into belts.

In Miwiti, Lurik comes in brighter colors atop smoother materials. Prioritizing simplicity, Bateeq has three keywords for this collection: simplicity, flexibility, and comfort. This women's and men's collection also chooses an effortless silhouette, so that it supports high wearability and layering style.

Modern and practical silhouettes are the two main elements by presenting loose cuts and flexible styles. Not only comfortable when worn, but also provides comfort in mind because the production process is more responsible. In addition to using the main material of Bemberg cotton fabric, which is environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable, this Miwiti collection also uses Lurik fabric made by elderly craftsmen in Klaten. 

"Our Lurik (for this collection) is much smoother than before," explains another designer of Miwiti, Prasasta Andriana Dini.

Since 2019, bateeq has sent leftover yarns from PT Dan Liris' cotton manufacturing process to 30 elderly craftsmen in Klaten as materials for making Lurik with original motifs. 

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