Elegance Takes Flight: Air France's 90th Anniversary Celebration at Galeries Lafayette


On October 7th, 2023, Air France will reach a remarkable milestone – its 90th anniversary. For nearly a century, the airline has embodied elegance in every aspect of travel, from technology and innovation to art, design, haute couture, and fine dining. To mark this momentous occasion, Air France is extending its celebrations to Galeries Lafayette’s iconic Paris Haussmann store from September 28th to October 10th, 2023.

A Showcase of 90 Years of Elegance

Synonymous with French savoir-faire since its inception, Air France is renowned for elevating elegance to new heights in the world of aviation. To honor and encapsulate nine decades of elegance, the airline is unveiling a collection of five iconic dresses, each inspired by its core strengths: aircraft and technology, fashion and uniforms, fine dining and tableware, design and architecture, and the iconic posters promoting its vast network of destinations. Designed by Xavier Ronze, head of costume design at the Paris Opera Ballet, this collection takes viewers on a visual journey through the realms where Air France has consistently offered the best, demonstrating its ability to stay ahead of the times.

A Grand Celebration at Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette, a global fashion destination, is the natural choice for Air France to unveil this unique collection of dresses. From September 28th to October 10th, 2023, Air France will take over the 12 display windows of Galeries Lafayette’s Paris Haussmann store. This immersive experience will not only present the anniversary dresses but also feature an array of items from Air France’s heritage and current-day collections. This tribute to 90 years of aviation excellence encompasses iconic planes, designer uniforms, and unwavering commitment to passenger comfort – from in-flight dining to interior cabin design.

In a bold and innovative move, Air France is sharing its timeless elegance with visitors in the heart of Paris, offering a truly accessible experience for French and international guests alike.

Exclusive Accessories and Treasures

Inside the store, Air France’s anniversary celebrations continue with a range of specially created or reissued accessories. From models of Air France planes, past and present, to a collection of "90th-anniversary" pouches, postcards, notebooks, and luggage tags, there's something for every budget. Vintage travel bags and heritage posters have been reissued, and partnerships with renowned brands like Vanessa Bruno, Delsey, Bernardaud, Brun de Vian-Tiran, and Le Parapluie de Cherbourg celebrate French quality and expertise.

For the first time ever, visitors have the opportunity to purchase pieces from the original tableware collection, designed by artist Jean Picart Le Doux, which graced business and first-class cabins from 1966 to the early 2000s. All proceeds from the sale of this iconic dinner service will benefit the Air France Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping children around the world for over three decades.

Fashion Shows and a Glimpse into Air France's Legacy

Throughout its celebratory stopover at the Paris Haussmann store, Air France invites visitors to attend special 90th-anniversary fashion shows in partnership with Galeries Lafayette. Models will grace a dedicated space within the store, showcasing uniforms designed for pilots, cabin crew, and airport staff, illustrating the story and styles of Air France’s corporate apparel throughout the ages.

These parades will feature Air France’s very first barman outfits, as well as ensembles created by legendary designers like Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga, and Christian Lacroix. The shows promise a unique and immersive experience, offering a glimpse into Air France's rich legacy of elegance and innovation.

As Air France celebrates nine decades of excellence, its anniversary celebration at Galeries Lafayette promises to be a captivating and stylish tribute to a legacy of elegance in travel. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the airline's history, culture, and commitment to sophistication while indulging in the finest French fashion and design. Don't miss this extraordinary celebration of 90 years of Air France at Galeries Lafayette, where elegance takes flight in the heart of Paris.

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