Navigating the New Import Landscape: Guidelines and Calculations for Travelers


In a bid to tighten regulations on imported goods brought by travelers, the Customs and Excise Office at Soekarno-Hatta Airport has initiated stricter controls following the implementation of Trade Minister’s Regulation No. 36 of 2023. The regulation, which was passed on December 11, 2023, officially came into effect on March 10, 2024.

Gatot Sugeng Wibowo, the head of the Customs and Excise Office, emphasized the importance of adhering to the new policy, particularly for passengers returning to Indonesia who often bring goods as souvenirs for their families. The regulation aims to shift the monitoring of imported goods from post-border to border control, enabling authorities to regulate the influx of goods more effectively.

Under the new guidelines, passengers are permitted to bring in certain categories of items in limited quantities. These include footwear (up to two pairs per passenger), bags (up to two bags per passenger), electronics (up to five units totaling no more than US$1,500 per passenger), mobile phones, computers, tablets, and headsets (up to two units per passenger), and textile products (up to five pieces per passenger).

Importantly, the policy applies to all passengers arriving from abroad, including migrant workers. Those found carrying quantities exceeding the regulated limits will be subject to import fees. Gatot Sugeng Wibowo clarified that individuals can still bring in excess goods provided they are willing to pay the requisite import duties and taxes.

To assist travelers in calculating import duties and taxes, the Surabaya Customs and Excise Office recommends using the Mobile Bea Cukai app, available for download on the Google Play Store. Typically, import duties and taxes are set at 7.5 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

The implementation of these new regulations underscores the government's commitment to maintaining control over the flow of imported goods while ensuring fair taxation and compliance with international trade standards. Travelers are urged to familiarize themselves with the updated policies to avoid any inconvenience or penalties upon arrival at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

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