For the fashion-conscious consumer, sustainability is becoming practiced on an everyday basis, from shopping locally to recycling.


Sustainability, why is it so important? Sustainability is highly important, not only for the environment but also for humanity. If all of us live in a good environment, hence we could have a better quality of life. 

And the best thing is, you could apply sustainability in your daily life too, like fashion. So here are some of the sustainable fashion brands in Indonesia. 

Sejauh Mata Memandang

The clothing line Sejauh Mata Memandang is showcasing traditional Indonesian clothes with a modern twist. You could find kebaya that’s perfect for your day-to-day outfit as a fashionable blouse. But, at the same time Sejauh Mata Memandang is also a sustainable brand, they are using recycled fabric and sourced everything locally from the whole archipelago, like Bali, Java, and many more. 

Pijak Bumi

Pijak Bumi is perfect for sneakers lovers, and the best part is, you could buy your sneakers without creating any waste from them. Pijak Bumi used eceng gondok (water hyacinth) for their weaves and used, used tires for their rubber. They are trying to use recycled materials as much as they can. 

Kana Goods

Kana Goods is a Japanese-inspired minimalist natural-dyed apparel. For those who are a fan of Japanese style, you should get Kana Goods. They are using Indigofera tinctoria plant for their dye and made everything for one size fits all to minimise clothing waste. This could be your alternative to finding inclusive clothing too. 

Sukkha Citta

Sukkha Citta is another clothing brand that uses natural dye for most of its clothing. Aside from it, they are also working with local artisans to make their products. And to minimize the waste product, they are using their leftover fabrics as cute little plushies and souvenirs. 

Imaji Studio

Imaji Studio is a clothing brand that is inspired by the Japanese style. They are using eco-printing, airbrush, and even hand brushing. Very artsy right? And what makes it more special? They are using more plant-based dyes from plants, mangoes, bungur trees, and sappan woods sourced from Bali. 

Cinta Bumi Artisans

Have you ever heard about this brand? They have numerous items from fabric, notebooks and many more made up from natural ingredients. Isn't it interesting? They also shared nature-inspired motifs which makes it different from other items that you could find across social media, and just like its name, loving the earth. 


If you would like a sustainable clothing line with a modern cut, Lanivatti surely won’t disappoint you. It has a lot of designs that could perfectly fit your daily activity from going to the office and hanging out with friends. 90% of the materials used are natural, biodegradable fibers such as viscose rayon fibers and lyocell, so what could you ask more? 


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